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Hello from just over the hilltop in Norwood. The peepers have been singing their evening chorus extra loud this week, the leaves have slowly exchanged their golden buds for greener foliage, (well, except for the Norway maple – she’s a purplish-red color), the grass had to be mown, and tiny wild strawberry flowers, blue violets, and even more dandelions are beautifying the yard.

The woodpecker continues to rap on metal, the cardinals eat the bugs from the side of the barn (having been drawn there by the floodlight), and many of the plants are slowly coming to life in this rainy and cool weather. I have been netting up the leftover bars of soap (have to put out a fresh bar for each new guest) and strategically placing them around the gardens and hanging some from a couple of trees. I’ve heard the deer don’t like the smell of our soaps! The pinwheels are also in the ground and twirl about gaily glistening in the bright sun. It’s such a happy sight.

Family and Projects

Eric, Andrea, and the five grandchildren came over Wednesday to help with the raking of the leaves from around the house and along the fence line. I had gotten some raking done, but was falling behind and the under-plants were very white and yellow from lack of sun and fresh air. I’m sure they are most grateful. With eight rakes moving steadily they got it all done and the leaves increased Leaf Mountain out behind the barn. Pizza and ice cream followed the job well done.

Pizza and ice cream followed the job well done

Dick has the roof on the shed now and is finishing some work for customers in Potsdam. His single-minded focus on the shed dislikes the side work interruptions but those side jobs help pay the bills and get supplies for the shed. So, he continues to work day and night, night and day.

Friends and Guests

We had an older couple for breakfast Wednesday morning and had a lovely visit catching up on their life. They were regular customers at the diner and I know I’ve said this before, but I do miss the diner’s staff and customers. Even the salesmen and delivery men. The other day the song “Stranger on the Shore” came on my music and it reminded me of Pete from Northern Bakery. It was one of his favorite songs and as the tears fell, Dick came into the kitchen and I turned and said, “I think Pete would have loved Donald.” He agreed and we had a moment of grief thinking of him sitting at the counter with his cheeseburger talking with Mr. Wilson and others about politics, military, and life. Pete had died suddenly before Mom’s Schoolhouse closed and Wednesdays were never quite the same.

as the tears fell, I turned and said, “I think Pete would have loved Donald

The West Potsdam Retired Ladies met for their luncheon at Judi’s Friday and Denise who had just returned from her winter in the south was able to join us. It was wonderful having her back and now we wait for Agnes, who returns later this month. I look forward to these monthly luncheons and I get to host it in June.

Two terrible occurrences happened in the past two weeks. Yes, two. Before I tell you about them, I will confess that I don’t like to make mistakes (who does) and I don’t like others to make mistakes. I am still learning to try and overlook others’ errors more easily than mine but it is a little difficult if you have to see it every day.

Recipes and Hair

The first one is my horrible mistake. As we were closing the diner, I had recipe cards made as mementos for those who had asked for certain recipes over the years. I checked them once and then checked them twice. Guess I should have checked them a third time because over the nine days of guests at the bed and breakfast last week, the couple from Illinois had asked for my waffles. I was delighted to make them. Now, because I don’t make them regularly as when I had the diner, I thought I’d better check the recipe to be sure I got the amounts correct. Pulling out the waffle card from Mom’s collection, I thought something doesn’t seem quite right. Opening my cupboard door where my well-worn and faded often used trusty recipes hang, I found the error was a missing ingredient. One teaspoon of baking soda. How had I missed that? Horrors and more horrors. I didn’t have time to feel sorry for long because I needed to make their breakfast. Later I spent a good deal of time “kicking myself” and then wondering how do I ever make this right? And how many people had tried to make my light and fluffy waffles but with no success? Please accept my sincere and shamed apology for leaving out the baking soda. If you have the waffle recipe from Mom’s Schoolhouse Diner, please add one teaspoon baking soda to the card and try them again. I think you’ll have great success!

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again

The second horrible mistake is partly my fault because I hadn’t made myself clear in what I wanted done. It was time to get my hair trimmed and layered so in I went and then out I came – not knowing who I was. Horrors! Who is this stranger looking back at me? This time my hair had been cut so short, almost shorn, that I am in hiding (well, certainly wanting to) until it grows back. I am trying to laugh about it and as my Dad would say, “what did you learn from that?” To be clear in what I what done and how short to go. Yes, I will go back again one day but it will be a while because it will take a long time before my hair is long enough to trim again. Hmmmm, maybe I could try trimming it myself next time, but that doesn’t guarantee a better cut.

Have a blessed week and remember mistakes happen so try to make the best of them. “Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.” Hey, maybe it’s time to watch a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movie. Love, Sharon