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Hello to my dear family and friends from just over the hilltop in Norwood where this self-appointed journalist is once again three weeks late in delivering the on-going saga of life in the North Country with one aging woman. No, I have not been sick nor have I been neglectful in meeting my schedule. Rather this lady has been taking on more and more and more and forgetting to leave some margin in the weeks.

It is of my own doing that I tend to fill my life to capacity which sometimes brings Dick along at this fast pace, too. And though we are enjoying and loving this season of life, I will tell you that January is looking mighty attractive right now.

January is looking mighty attractive right now

We have been busy at the bookstore with the Open House a good success for its first debut. And yes, it will probably become an annual event at the store. Also the bed and breakfast has been busy for which we are grateful. Dick has been remodeling a bathroom in Potsdam and might be finished shortly. That project has been a stop and go due to waiting on decisions and ordered supplies.

Writers’ group met recently and is still a high point of the month and I served about ten men breakfast a couple of Saturdays ago because the fellowship hall was being used by the ladies of the church for their annual bazaar. It was a great time and I think good food, too. They seemed to like it.

I worked the election last week and am still trying to recover from that long day along with the time change which I love because of the early morning light. We have had such beautiful sunrises that have given a soft pink glow to the western sky. Such beauty in my own backyard. I have also been helping out at church in the Sunday School and Children’s Story time while getting ready for a Christmas program for the children. Dick and I were already scheduled to lead the children during December but the last couple of weeks was extra. And the choir as been working on some beautiful songs. It simply amazes me that so many songs can come from so few notes and minister in various ways to anyone’s individual needs. Simply amazing.

he is around 9 years old but you would have thought he was 90

I am not going to capture all of the events of the last three weeks but I do want to share a story about the boy next door. He was helping at his father’s store when I stopped for supplies a while ago. I think he is around 9 years old but you would have thought he was 90. He carried the basket for me to put my purchases in, asked questions about the having to cook for so many guests, and did I make them cookies, too. During the conversation I discovered his favorite pie was peanut butter so I filed it away in my memory bank. He then took my basket to the cashier, unloaded it and went to the other side of the cash register and told me he would carry my bags to the van. I was so impressed with this young boy, (who has had great training and been shown by example), with his people skills and desire to help others. Anyway, he took my bags to the car and I secretly decided to make him a peanut butter pie. Dick delivered it for me and before he got back and through the door the phone was ringing. It was him thanking me for the pie. What an amazing young boy!

My life has so many rich and wonderful moments that bring joy and delight to me as I watch and wait for good things to happen. Those moments come from unexpected places yet good abounds if we look for it. May you have a delightful week as you find good in the little things and in the big things that will make your life rich and wonderful like mine. Love, Sharon