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“Don’t change anything – ever” is a quote from the show Monk. I thought of that today when I noticed the sign-up date of my e-mail account. January 20, 2004. That means I have had the same account for twelve years and, true to my natural character, I don’t like to change anything. Ever.

Of course, there are times when I can be persuaded to make changes if it makes sense, will be better, or won’t mix me up. Normally though, I’m not into the newest fads, fashion, or fancy. Comfortable and familiar is what I like.

Hello from just over the hilltop where the sun is trying to shine through the flurries floating around as I write. The temperatures have dropped to “normal” for February and even the wind was bitter and chilling yesterday. Our driveway has only been plowed four times this season and so we continue with this mild, easy year. And that is good. One thing I love about the dustings of snow is the visible tracks from the squirrels running and playing with each other. They run from tree to tree and chase one another up and down the driveway as well as in the neighbor’s yard. They certainly are delightful to watch.

Friends and neighbors

It was a full week with the writers’ group meeting Thursday getting our year’s start off with welcoming a new guest. It was great to be back together and listen to each other’s works. We have very talented writers. Friday evening we (Dick and I) led a Bible study at Eric’s home with several families and their children. What a joy to have young and old gathered to share and study together as well as eat and fellowship after. Great times indeed.

enjoying our new home and meeting so many wonderful folks

Saturday evening Dick and I went to a spaghetti supper at the VFW to help support the Norwood Museum. We met more “Norwoodians” and several former customers from Mom’s Schoolhouse Diner. We ended up staying to the end visiting with many people. Did I tell you how much we are enjoying our new home and meeting so many wonderful folks?

Music and Jam-making

I gave a press release to the North Country This Week the other day for the bed and breakfast. This week I will try to contact other publications just to get our new business in the news. We have several reservations for this spring and summer and are excited about hosting new guests. One of the gifts items for our guests at Rose of Sharon will be my homemade jams, so this week I started restocking the cupboard by making blueberry-rhubarb. This time of the year it is less hectic, not so hot, and the frozen fruit and berries work fine. I freeze the extra in season just for use this time of the year. Well, also for pies and muffins!

bringing back such wonderful memories both of that house and the piano

I have continued practicing from the old lesson books and have reached to my fourth recital piece. I was wondering if they sound better now then when I pecked at them back in grade school in the house in West Dummerston. This has been bringing back such wonderful memories both of that house and the piano. Dick had his first week of work since early November. The two bigger jobs that had been lined up were put off or canceled, so his winter work was nil. He was so happy to be working again, even if he is semi-retired. Now he is building the Rose of Sharon sign according to regulations and our preference which will hang on the porch. It is looking very nice.

Letter writing

I’ve been thinking ….. that I want to get back to letter writing. I came across some old notes, letters, and thank you cards while unpacking and sorting through old files which spurred me to dig out a book I had read many years ago. The book is by Alexandra Stoddard called “Gift of a Letter” and rereading it is inspiring me to write again. I like her title because that was just how I felt when I found these thank you notes, some homemade, given to me by young students in a class I had taught on public speaking. I had also coached basketball and one girl had drawn pictures of each team and included the names of each player under their team. Talk about a gift. I started crying because of the fond memories and the effort these amazing children had taken to write notes that I now treasure. Being encouraged by these “found treasures” and this book, I need to replenish my stationary, note cards, and pens. It’s time to reconnect with old friends and family by way of pen on paper.

As I sign off this week I ask you to occasionally ask how I’m doing in my letter writing. Thank you and have a wonderful week. Love always, Sharon