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Three weeks! That’s right, it’s been three weeks since the last journal post and that means life got very busy and hectic for a short period of time and we are adjusting to a new normal for us. Does this mean I got a little overwhelmed here “just over the hilltop” in Norwood or “just around the corner” in West Potsdam?

We had our grand opening for the Tree of Life Christian Bookstore, guests both for the bed and breakfast and family, and hosted the men’s breakfast from church and the luncheon for the retired ladies of West Potsdam. Some might say we are burning the candle at both ends and trying not to let the ends meet. Definitely not letting any moss grow around us yet, but I don’t think I was overwhelmed just extremely overscheduled.


The weather has gone from high winds with power outage for two days, to cold, snow, and ice, to seventy degrees yesterday and today. Dick is raking outside while I am washing windows and curtains inside and airing out the house. The daffodils are budding, the birds are singing, something is digging holes in the flower beds near the house, and the squirrel is racing up and down the driveway. He is a hoot to watch. Then last evening we sat on the porch and listened to the peepers chorus.  Glorious end of an April day.

Dick has begun physical therapy for increasing the range of motion for the injured shoulder with exercises at home in between his visits. He is doing very well and I think the therapist is pleased, too. I know it is occasionally frustrating for him, but all in all, he’d doing great especially in attitude. Last week Sunday he preached/taught from Psalm 1 at church. He was very clear and explained carefully the difference between the good seed and the chaff which the wind blows away, similar to an empty Walmart bag hung up in a bush. We should desire to be like the tree planted by the rivers of water and not like the windblown chaff.

we desire to be like the tree planted by the rivers and not like the windblown chaff

Karen, Jami, and the grandchildren were here that weekend and went to church with us. What a special time. Jami came to help me get a tablet, set it up, and prepare it for me to be able to take credit cards at the Bookstore. Well, he also updated my laptop computer, helped me set up and print labels for baked goods, and tried to answer my questions about using the tablet. I don’t take to changes very easily. But I am trying!

Mr. Eckert of the Watertown Daily Times wrote a gracious article about us and the opening of Tree of Life in the old schoolhouse building, formerly Mom’s Schoolhouse Diner. His photographer Mr. Lenney was able to make us and the bookstore look so inviting. As I wrote to Mr. Eckert I smile each time I read his article thinking I should go visit that bookstore and meet those people. It sounds like such a delightful place. Then I remember that those people are us and I am humbled that he made us sound so special. Please know that it is not us but you that are so special and we’d love to help you in your spiritual walk with God and with others in the Lord. We do hope you’ll come out to the countryside and visit us some day.


This last weekend our church held a twenty-four hour prayer vigil where individuals or couples sign up so that prayer is continuous for the full time. Dick went in for one of the middle of the night shifts and together we closed out the vigil on Saturday evening. What a blessed time in prayer in the little chapel there at church. It made me think of the old song “cryin’ in the chapel” by Elvis Presley and remembering that having a “little talk with Jesus” is so good for the soul. Sometimes there was crying for those in pain, brokenhearted, cast down, or lost and then while in prayer, remembering that hope in the God who is able brings all things to pass in His time. He will see us through. He will restore the years wasted. He will save us with His wondrous love and grace. It was a very special time of prayer.

remembering that having a little talk with Jesus is so good for the soul

Did I tell you that Dick bought himself a Mr. Rogers style sweater (for $1 at the used clothing shop) to wear just at the bookstore. He looks the part of a friendly bookseller. Just perfect! We are so enjoying working together and finding our niche in this new business. We are thinking of starting with an old-time gospel jam session next month and encourage people to bring their guitars, violins, harmonicas, and voices to sing along with that old-time music. We’ll keep you informed as we pull this together.

Well, I need to place an order to one of my suppliers for special requests from customers so I’ll wind down for today. I’m working on establishing a system for requests, ordering, bookkeeping, etc. and I’m finding that placing orders from home on the days we are closed is working for the moment. Have a great week, enjoy this warmer weather, and remember to pray if the occasion calls for it. God’s number is never busy, out of minutes, or put on hold. He will hear you when you call. Love to all, Sharon