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Welcome to daylight savings time, but I wish they wouldn’t change anything…….ever! I admit that the light at the end of the day is nice, but I prefer it in the morning.

Well, to each his own, and there are some things that I cannot change so I will adjust the clock to the new time and try to wake up this sleepy head. I am certainly happy to wake up each day and enjoy the marvelous sunsets and sunrises of this season. Changing of the seasons I like. Changing the clocks, not so much.

Changing the seasons I like. Changing clocks, not so much

Talking about changing, even the van doesn’t like this warmer weather in March, this seemingly endless rain though better than snow, and the rising thick fog. First it wouldn’t start, then it filled with internal moisture, and then the heater only works when it wants, not when we want. I think I sound like I’m complaining, but I’m not. I find it quite amusing that a vehicle would act so temperamental. Dick and I spent yesterday out and about and the van worked fine and seemed good. Hope it continues.

Phone calls and cookies

Last Friday my friend Judi and I were to meet for lunch at the Lobster House for her birthday treat from me. That was the day the van didn’t start, so she ended up coming to get me. I was glad I didn’t live in another town far from the restaurant and that they were very gracious to give her the message that I needed a ride. We had a lovely lunch as well as getting caught up on life’s challenges and rewards. She is going to be visiting family out west soon and that is always a rewarding time.

sweet voice saying, “Hi Grandma. I miss you

The phone rang the end of the week with a little girls’ sweet voice saying, “Hi Grandma. I miss you.” Karen was in the background guiding Heidi (23 months), with talking on the phone. It seems she had told her mommy she was missing Grandma and wanted to come visit us. Mommy said a phone call would have to do this time. How precious are those calls and they fill my heart with unexpected joy.

I am waiting patiently and watching for my Girl Scout cookies to be delivered. One of our neighbors’ daughter came by in January taking orders as she was working hard to reach a certain goal in her sales. The thin mints are a favorite of mine so I ordered a box just for me and then another box of something different for Dick, but I can’t remember what I ordered.

4-H Club

While waiting for the cookies I’ve been thinking about the years I was in 4-H. Girl Scouts were not in the area I grew up in but 4-H was very prominent. My mom was the leader of our local club called “The Busy Valley Lassies.” That club was where my skills in sewing (not my favorite), cooking (definitely a favorite), demonstrations and public speaking (loved them), gardening (don’t have a green thumb) and other life skills were perfected. I loved the personal competition as we were judged on how well we did and not compared to the skill of another member. Each year I strove to improve my work and become the best I could.

Head, heart, hands, and health.  A simple yet attainable pledge

The 4-H pledge was: “I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, and my health to better living. For my club, my community, and my country.” Head, heart, hands, and health. Such a simple yet attainable pledge. One that I took seriously as a child and still do as an adult. I am so thankful that my childhood was not encumbered with many outside activities, but rather we played on the river bank, in the woods, climbed trees and built forts, rode bikes on the dirt road, and all with the neighborhood kids. My mom was the kool-aid and cookie mom of the neighborhood, who allowed the neighbors to come around and gave us freedom to explore, create, imagine, and even dream. Mom, thank you for a great childhood and being our 4-H leader.

This also reminds me of a quote from an old “Leave it to Beaver” show when Ward Cleaver tells the Beav, “You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. You just need to always be improving yourself.” I like competing with myself and trying to improve where I can even at this age.

As we change seasons and change the clocks, may we strive to have clearer thinking, greater loyalty, larger service, and better health. And may the cookies get here soon! Love, Sharon