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Hello from “just over the hilltop” where a fan is blowing cool, sweeping air across my neck, these sweaty fingers are pecking away at the keyboard, and the glass of raspberry iced tea is so refreshing. Dick and I left right after our guest this morning to water the plant at the bookstore and get a few groceries before the heat of the day settled in. And settled in it has. I would be like to say just how much I enjoy this hot weather, but I don’t. So I won’t. But neither will I complain or grumble. I will just work my schedule the best I can and the fan, and writing you is a good way to spend this afternoon.

The photo in today’s journal is Dick’s newest puppet, Lester B. Grumble.  He looks like I feel – frumpy, grumpy, and lazy.  He really is none of these but the picture of him gives way to some underlying feelings with this record heat.

There was fresh mown hay over at the bookstore this morning and the aroma brings back our farming days. I love that smell and only occasionally miss the farm. Living in season and enjoying each one allows us to leave it behind and move on to the next as it comes. And we loved that season of farm animals, gardening, haying, and living with and on the corner of the great earth that God allowed for us. That is over now and here we are in a slower season with so many other wonderful activities to keep up with.

in a slower season with so many other wonderful activities

We had a nice surprise over the weekend when our daughter Kate and her youngest Emma, came for a short visit. It was too short but hopefully helpful and renewing for her. It was good to see her and Emma, who is walking now. Sunday afternoon we went to visit with Eric and his family as Eric didn’t need to leave for his truck hauling until Monday this time. I guess Labor Day worked in his favor unless like Scrooge one thinks any federal holiday is an excuse not to work. Just think, if we should ever return Sunday to its suggested format, a day of rest and worship when no stores were open, we might not need so many forced days off. We would already have 52 wonderfully glorious days completely to ourselves. Oops…..I guess that turned into the “I’ve been thinking” section of the journal.

Labor Day is a day in which we and our children would set aside for much labor, hence the name of the day, and get as much done as we could. Then the next day we would take a field trip with a picnic and celebrate the start of a new school year. Classes started the day after our picnic. We enjoyed it because places were less crowded and sometimes even cost less. Isn’t it interesting that now my mind is thinking toward classes for a Sunday School lesson, Children’s story, and even Vacation Bible School. Why do these ideas keep coming? Better be praying, hadn’t I.

Why do these ideas keep coming?

We are enjoying the new bookstore and will be having an Old-Time Sing-A-Long on Friday evening. It is a special time of song and fellowship. If you are interested and live nearby, please join us with your voices, guitars, fiddles, etc. Check it out on the website. Www.treeoflifebooksandgifts.com

Well, it’s time to refill my iced tea and find another non-sweaty job to do. Vacuuming and washing the kitchen floor was a little too much. Have a lovely day and keep cool. Love, Sharon