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Thanksgiving Day – A national holiday set apart for giving thanks to God, celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November and in Canada on the second Monday of October. The American Heritage Dictionary (Second College Edition)

Have you ever noticed that the happiest of people are the ones who have a thankful heart? They are at peace when the storms rage about, they are accepting of life as it comes, and they are grateful for as little or as much as they have. They give out of their need and never complain about their circumstances. They are true and loyal in their neighborhoods and don’t covet their neighbors’ success or laugh at their demise. A day to give thanks to God for all He has done for us in the last year is definitely a good reminder in November.

It is a time to stop and be thankful for our beautiful family, good friends, great neighbors, and beloved country. Yes, a day of rejoicing over God’s goodness to mankind. I love Thanksgiving because it is free of decorating, gifts, and jolly music. I love gathering together to ask the Lord’s blessing. And I love that Christmas starts the day after! There is so much to be thankful for this year.

Under the weather

As I sit to write from just over the hilltop, I must confess that I didn’t realize that today was Wednesday and I try to write on Tuesdays. I have been sick for a week now and all days are mashed together like Thanksgiving potatoes. My foggy head is beginning to clear and my hope is that this journal will be coherent.

all the days are mashed together like Thanksgiving potatoes

I missed choir practice, writers’ group, singing at Maplewood, Bible study at Eric’s, and church. All the regular schedulings that indicate what day of the week it is. I’ve heard that muscles have memory and I have found that doing the same routine on the same day each week not only tells me what day it is, but my mind usually knows what to do automatically when getting up each day. Such as: laundry Monday and Friday, vacuum Thursday, bake Wednesday or Thursday, spaghetti on Wednesday, Dick’s library sale on Saturday, and church on Sunday. Mess up all those days and I’m thoroughly confused.

Dick graciously hosted writers’ group while I stayed upstairs on Thursday and he went to Eric’s alone for Bible study on Friday. He also took part in the Hobble Gobble fundraiser on Saturday for the Potsdam Holiday Fund. This is an event he has been a part of for many years but this time didn’t see anyone he knew. Later that day he strung new twinkle lights along the wrap-around-porch outer ceiling which gives a beautiful glow to the entire porch. I love it and am so grateful he went back to the old lights. Last year he tried LED lights and they were a dud as far as I was concerned. These are much better and because they glow like I want, the little extra in electricity is fine with me. I don’t mind paying to be warm in my own house or mind paying to have a porch glow. I’ll save money somewhere else.

Winter weather

The first snow arrived with about eight or so inches and now “it is a beautiful day in this neighborhood.” The wind was drifting it in various places and leaving very little snow in other spots so the total amount is guess work. Each year I want the snow to wait as long as possible but after that first real snowfall has come, I’m glad.

Well, I have no deep thoughts or insights this week so will sign off by wishing you all a Happy and Joyful Thanksgiving. May your blessings abound in the coming year and your joy be abundant and full. Love always, Sharon