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It’s another Tuesday here “just over the hilltop” and we actually have three days in a row with no scheduled appointments or meetings. I am catching up on the ironing pile, the outdated bookstore brochures, paying bills, and checking the gardens for new flowers. I found a bleeding heart that has very few flowers but that is more than last year. The white lilacs are blossoming and the fragrance is sweet like subtle perfume.

The squirrel is still a joy to watch as he scampers about the lawn and the trees. Talking about squirrels; last week when we opened the bookstore I noticed my wastebasket knocked over by the desk area. I didn’t remember hitting it when we closed the night before and continued unloading the van. Shortly Dick asked me if I had set the brown teddy bear on the floor by the display shelves and again I thought maybe I knocked him off when I was loaded down with all my paraphernalia the night before. We chuckled that he had ended up sitting perfectly on the floor instead of sprawled on his back or tummy. Well, I finally went to turn on the overhead lights and in the doorway was an empty tuna can. Before entering the backroom, I called Dick to see if he had gone into that room already and could he come check this out.

sometimes, a man has to do what a man has to do

He stepped over the tuna can and found a forlorn pencil also on the floor. Both had been up on a shelf in the back room. From this we concluded that something had visited the night before and as I checked around, found some books had been pushed from the back of a shelf and landed on the shelf below. A mystery to be solved. No droppings about so that ruled out mice or rats. Nothing stolen so that clue ended abruptly. What could have done this? Later that day in talking with my neighbor, Ardie, she concluded it must be the red squirrel. She has been trying to capture one that has been around the neighborhood but he just jumps the traps, eats the bait, and leaves the trap without getting caught in it.

He has not returned but we will try to help our neighbor by setting a trap, too. Sometimes, a man has to do what a man has to do. And getting rid of rodents is one of those things to do.

Farm and village

On our way to the bookstore last week we also enjoyed a lovely sight which brought back wonderful memories. Cows put out on the spring grass for the first time. What a beautiful picture of the holsteins against the bright green earth. Occasionally I miss the farm life, but only occasionally.

Another thing I love about Norwood; I’m sure we are the most patriotic village around and I’m so glad to call it home in this season of our life. The flags have been put up and they dress Main Street and Spring Street like royalty. Yes, I love this village and I love this country. What a sight to behold: The American Flag.

Last week was full of meetings. There was lunch with the retired ladies of West Potsdam, a vacation Bible school team meeting, writers’ group with great readings, a special order for rhubarb pie, helping at the church yard sale, and choir practice and Bible study. I am thankful for energy and activity.

Years go by

Yesterday I called our granddaughter Heidi to wish her a happy 4th birthday. She was so happy and though I interrupted the traditional birthday spanking from everyone, she was excited to tell me she had helped mommy make a rainbow butterfly cake with blue frosting and chocolate chip dots on the wings. Following the spanking, she will get measured to check how much she grew in a year and then they were going to take a nap. After the nap the family was having a birthday tea party with cake. Such pleasure in a simple birthday celebration. I love it.

Dad had given me a love for working for myself and to just keep my ears and eyes open for opportunities

I’ve been thinking …….. about my first business in high school. This morning a picture came up on facebook to remind me of a post four years ago. It was me at sixteen with my garbage truck. My brother Donny was also in the picture as he “worked” for me and my sister Peggy took the picture. I don’t think she really liked having to work in that particular business, but it did bring in some money during my high school days and for them, too. Anyway, my Dad had given me a love for working for myself and to just keep my ears and eyes open for opportunities. So, here I am still in some sort of business and enjoying every minute of it.

Yes, I get tired some days but that’s why God gave us sleep at night and Sundays to rest and refresh for the coming week. I guess you could say I’m an entrepreneur at heart and so grateful for Dick who loves to work, too. Together we are challenging and encouraging one another. How special is that! I say that because we are working on our first workshop for the bookstore and looking forward to the next Gospel Gathering. We’ll keep you posted in case you are interested. The workshop is “Voices in the Garden” and is about discerning the voice of God which takes us to the Tree of Life in Genesis. Our answer is back at the beginning of scripture and God’s command to Adam and Eve. We hope you’ll join us.

Until then, have great week and keep enjoying the simple things of life. Cows in the pasture, glowing sunsets, tea parties with blue butterfly cake, or the squirrels bringing joy to the day. Love to all, Sharon