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Hello from the beautiful hot and humid hilltop in Norwood. Recently I heard some chatter about this being Indian summer. I must beg to differ. Where I grew up in southern Vermont, Indian summer, if it occurs, is usually in November after a very hard and killing frost. This may be higher than normal weather temperatures for this time of the year but I wouldn’t call it Indian summer. Just a warmer than usual late summer and early fall. If I am wrong and the North Country views or describes Indian summer differently, please let me know. In the meantime, enjoy this early warmer than usual fall.

Last week was busy in preparing for the Chicken Pot Pie Supper at church and what a fun but exhausting time we had. I ended up being put in a department right up my alley. Making pie crust dough one day for 93 pies and then rolling those pie crusts the next. Next year I may bring my own marble rolling pin, but the lighter wooden one did the job once I got the hang of it. Now that was a lot of pies! And we only had two left over!

Probably one of the favorite things about the work bees is not just the delicious food prepared, but the delicious fellowship that takes place while working in a kitchen with so many cooks. I might say that this is proof that the old saying “too many cooks spoil the broth” is not true. Everyone and everything turned out as perfect as it could be.

Fall Cleaning

The windows, curtains, and deep cleaning are underway at the Rose of Sharon. Sometimes my back is aching at the end of the day but the satisfaction of these jobs done is more than gratifying and the downstairs is almost completed. Then we have a bowl of popcorn and unwind while watching Perry Mason and Matlock. A nice ending to a day.

Dick has been working in Potsdam repairing a roof on a small porch. Yes, my thoughts exactly. I thought he doesn’t do roofs anymore. He doesn’t but then again, when the roof is small and low to the ground, I guess he might take it. It does exhaust him and so I’m glad that part of this job is over.

Thinking again

I’ve been thinking ………..about rules and regulations. When I was just out of high school I became the head counselor of the girls section at the 4-H camp. The camp was in its growing stages and this was the first year that an open-aired shower unit had been installed and ready for use in the girls’ area. Because the boys’ shower wasn’t built yet, there were certain time schedules set up for when the boys could use the shower unit. During that time girls were to stay out of the area and the boys were not allowed in during the girls’ usage schedule.

One of my younger brothers happened to be a counselor in the boys’ unit that summer and to my dismay I discovered him and another boy counselor behind the showers during the girls’ time plus they were drinking beer. This also was not allowed at camp. My dilemma lasted just a short while due to the agreement I had as head counselor and needed to report any serious infraction to my authority.

This wasn’t easy but I knew I had to separate the fact he was my brother, and report the fact of two rules of the camp being broken. Both my integrity and the safety of the young campers was at stake. Both boys were expelled from camp, which caused a hardship for the camp but eventually they replaced the counselors and camp continued.

never wrong to do the right things and courage means doing what is right even if you are afraid

You might be wondering why is she telling us about this? Well, because it appears in modern society the breaking of rules in whatever form or fashion has become increasingly acceptable. My question then is: why even bother making rules? If everyone did what was right in their owns eyes would we really be better off? I think not. Rules and regulations are guidelines and protection within the society.

I couldn’t pretend to not see or to let it go just because he was a relative. Disrespect of rules and laws do not protect the innocent and law-keepers. My brother grew up to become a successful business owner, raised two children, is a servant to many in his church, and I am glad to say, “I’m very proud of him.”

Sometimes it is hard to do the right thing but that’s when courage comes in. It is never wrong to do the right thing and courage means doing what is right even if you are afraid. I was afraid he would be mad and hate me but I don’t think he holds it against me now. As I told him years ago, “I didn’t get you kicked out, you did it yourself when you made the decision to break the rules.” May I always strive to make the right choices and to do what is right. Love, Sharon