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Today is the longest day of the year: the first day of summer. The wind is settling in from the west and southwest so the next three months should be a typical north country weather pattern for this summer season. Maybe even a bit warmer with the southwest winds. Whatever the weather pattern does, I still feel blessed to live here just over the hilltop in Norwood and am enjoying the beauty of the north country.

I have not seen one box elder bug in about two months and I am delighted to think that maybe, just maybe, with all this rain, they have returned to their natural habitat in some box elder tree somewhere. Suits me just fine!

Summer and a Surprise

In the hustle and bustle of last week’s activities we had a wonderful surprise. Our youngest son, Ethan, who lives in sunny southern California, drove across the country to see us and to explore our great land. He did some filming on his way, visited several friends, and while here spent much time with his brother Eric. I can’t begin to tell you how precious is the time talking with him and trying to perform a little mothering at the same time. He might get a little frustrated with me but I don’t really care. He’s here and I want to take good care of him. But just to clarify: I don’t think of nor refer to him as “the baby” of the family. I actually despise that reference. It’s just that mother instinct takes over occasionally and Dick certainly doesn’t need me to mother him!

Many happenings

Our church’s delicious Strawberry Supper was last Thursday and I was able to help with preparations both Wednesday and Thursday and help with greeting that evening. I also went to the West Potsdam Retired Ladies luncheon at Adrie’s that day, which is the day Ethan arrived making the day very exciting. The men’s choir practiced Wednesday for their Father’s Day special, and on Friday Susan and I visited the last two of the Hepburn Libraries. I had a couple of full days and loved it!

While running the roads those two days I discovered and stopped to look at a 1968 red Mustang convertible for sale. My heart skipped a beat, but it was the wrong year, wrong color, and we really need to sell the schoolhouse before I consider a car. Just knowing that I might find one at just the right time was exciting and so I’ll keep dreaming. There is one out there – somewhere.

knowing I might find one at just the right time was exciting and so I’ll keep dreaming

Friday evening Dick, Ethan, and Eric took the grandchildren to see “Cars3” in Massena. They said it was great. Plus that gave them a special time together and today Dick and Ethan rode with Eric when he picked up and then delivered the crane/lift for a customer. Eric is so talented and precise with maneuvering his truck and trailers around and between objects. I love to watch his smooth and efficient skill.

Ethan was able to help Dick move the newly built picnic table from the driveway to the desired spot on the hilltop and then Dick went on to another project. This time he made a wooden sling/harness for our outdoor swing and now we will keep our eyes out for a cushion set, although it is usable as is. Dick is very talented and creative and I appreciate the little and big things he designs and builds.

Sweet voices

I want to tell you about an answering machine message from “Heidi-girl” as she calls herself. Getting home from the strawberry supper. I listened to the messages. What a joy to hear our three-year-old granddaughter calling to thank us for her “happy birthday present” as she called it. Karen told me later it was Heidi’s idea to call so she could say thank you. Isn’t that the sweetest thing? With so many grandchildren, near and far, we decided on a plan for birthday giving years ago. Up to age four we would get them a book, stuffed animal, or coloring book and crayons. Then beginning on their fifth birthday, they would receive cash in the amount of the years they were up until age sixteen.

precious memories can be had even over the telephone

The one exception was the local grandchildren would be taken out for a meal on their tenth birthday followed by a concert in the park. There was no money on this birthday, just time with us, After sixteen, they might get a card or a phone call but no more gifts. All adults do not get gifts either. That’s how we roll in this house and I got the idea from their Grandma Morse as she sent my children a card with money the age they were turning. It helps my memory to not get confused or to duplicate gifts, which I think had happened one time.

Anyway, I said all that because I had mailed two coloring books and a small box of crayons to “Heidi-girl” for her recent third birthday. That is why she wanted to call. I returned her call so we could chat a little and she tell me in person instead of the machine. Precious memories can be had even over the telephone.

Well, I guess that was an “I’ve been thinking” moment for it took up three paragraphs. On that note I’ll hang up and wish you all some lazy, hazy, crazy days this summers making many precious memories. Love, Sharon