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We seem to be marching right out of this month with warmer temperatures, overcast skies, and a little rain. The deer have made tracks across the driveway letting us know they are still around and the robins have been puffing out their bellies while eating the seeds from the “witch” tree. The evening skies are of such beauty with pinks, purples, and gray, ever changing the intensity of colors as the sun drifts down over the western ridge. It is a glorious time of the year.

As many of you know, Dick is not a morning person, but this past week is finding him having to “rise and shine” as he needs to get the work done at the place he is repairing before they open for the day. I think similar to Irving Berlin, he is singing to himself, “Oh, how I hate to get up in the morning,” and is wanting to shoot the clock instead of the bugler. But we are both thankful for the work as this winter’s lay-off started the first of November and our winter supplies were dwindling. Working seasonal is part of our life in carpentry and we adjust, save for the off season, and enjoy it.

is singing to himself, “Oh, how I hate to get up in the morning

I do want to tell you of his beer shower. Last week, while working in the early morning on leveling a counter in the bar in Maxfield’s, he was under the counter holding it in place and a lever that controls the beer let lose, giving him his first beer shower. He was grateful there were other workers available to come shut the beer off while he remained in place to secure the counter. All is well. He took another shower at home, I laundered the beer soaked clothes, and the counter in the bar is working just fine.

Our weekly Thursday evening guest came again last night as a nice surprise, and other then that we had a fairly quiet week. I’ve made a little progress on the music for “That’s How I Need You” song and still practicing piano for my own pleasure and for church.

Ending with a Party

How many of you have ever had sugar-on-snow? Twenty-five members of my family went to the annual “Sugar-on-Snow Supper” in East Dummerston, Vermont Saturday. Even though most of them grew up in New England or New York, several of the family had never had it. I have not made it for many years but growing up it was the glorious party ending a long winter season. The snow is just perfect for packing in pans or dishes, the syrup cooked to the right stage so that when drizzled over the snow it hardens like sticky taffy, the sour pickles and doughnuts are the traditional side dishes, and Popsicle sticks, forks, or knives are used to wrap the candied syrup around to be eaten as a delicacy. What a treat this is at this particular time of the year and we were sorry to not have been able to get back home to join them. Maybe next year if they do it again.

Traditions are memorable and introducing them to the youngest and newest members of the family is certainly a delight. Some liked it, some not so much. The pickles allow you to be able to eat more sugar-on-snow for those who do enjoy it. Dick calls it New England sweet-and-sour!

A happy end of winter to everyone and maybe we’ll have a sugar-on-snow party sometime. Is anyone up for that? Have a wonderful week and I’ll be just over the hilltop bringing you our news, thoughts, sights, and sounds again next week. Love, Sharon