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To my wonderful family and friends from just over the hilltop on this beautiful afternoon. We have had a lot of rain, three snowfalls of about an inch or so which covered the ground but didn’t stick to the driveway, and some sunshine.

April love and April showers are in season here in Norwood. Several robins seem a little perplexed with the snow, two pileated woodpeckers have been searching for bugs in the old stump outside my kitchen window, a pair of cardinals graced the lilacs, peepers were heard briefly about ten days ago, and I finally saw several deer out in the cornfield the other day. Even though the weather has been cold with a biting wind, the sights and sounds of spring are bringing forth hope. This is Dick’s favorite time of the year.


We had company over the weekend and our grandchildren from downstate, Garrett and Heidi, kept us active and delighted. How many children love to take a long ride to Grandma’s and Papa’s and Dingy’s house? They do and we hope that doesn’t change. Dingy is a special stuffed bear that plays with Garrett and his truck and airplane. Together they have many adventures and flying experiences with Papa “helping” Dingy come alive. Imagination is such a wonderful tool for young and old.

We also had a snowball fight, read books, and Papa took them upstairs for a short movie so Karen and I could visit a while. I made them Mickey Mouse and snowman pancakes with chocolate chip eyes, smile, and buttons for Sunday breakfast. Such fun and we look forward to the next visit whenever it works into their or our schedule.

Friends and future

Dave and Judi came over Friday evening for a pot luck supper and visit. We were going to sing but ended up talking about many subjects and some heart-rending decisions and happenings of life. Good friends are both silver and gold.

Maybe this year “all things will work together for good

Yesterday we met with a realtor and listed the schoolhouse for sale. If the economic situation doesn’t change soon, we may need to rethink what the schoolhouse could be used for. But in the meantime, if you know of anyone interested please let us know. It would be good for a convenience store, baked goods, sandwiches, and hot dogs. OR, it would be good for a first home or a retirement home with some remodeling for a bedroom and full bath. Maybe this is the year “that all things will work together for good.”


The most difficult day of the previous week was attending the funeral of a young lady from church. It was an unexpected death, meaning not from a long sickness. I did not know Val for very long and had just become prayer partners with her at a ladies retreat the Saturday before. The reason her death hit me so hard was the similarity that her family needed to walk through prior to her passing. As many of you know, my second son, Errin Bruce, never came home from the hospital. He never opened his eyes, couldn’t move or eat, and on his third day of life stopped breathing. He was put on a respirator and had an IV as they continued testing to see what might be wrong. He was beautiful and perfect when born. Errin was over a week old when Dr. Levi of Boston discovered he had a rare genetic disease in that his glycine level of the amino acids were not breaking down. Thus glycine was filling his little body and shutting down all organs and systems. Then we were told he was now brain-dead and would not survive without the respirator.

I held out hope against hope until the doctors finally sat us down

I held out hope against hope until the doctors finally sat us down and suggested the removal of the respirator. How does a parent make that kind of a choice? Errin died four days later at one month. Last week this family was in the same place. The emotion, the pain, the faith that brought and carried me through was now front and center in their life as well as in my memory. I wept for them and once again wept for me.

I am not telling you this as a downer, because as a believer, we do not sorrow as the world does. Though the ache, the loss, the grief is just as real now as it was then, we have the hope one day we’ll all be together again. With that promise we press on and we look up. “Be still and know that I am God” was the verse that I clung to during my grief. God knows and cares about my life and He will care for this family in their loss, too.

teach me how to take care of him, I’m bringing him home – g-tube and all!

I’m not sure how to turn the ending of this journal around except that two years later God gave me another son, Eric, who just celebrated his fortieth birthday on Sunday. Because he didn’t have the same genetic problem as his brother, a cleft lip and pallet and his esophagus not connected to his stomach was not an issue or a frightening problem at all. I just said to the nurses teach me how to take care of him, I’m bringing him home – g-tube and all!

Whatever comes your way in life, may you rise to the challenge with faith in your heart and may God give you peace, comfort, and a hope. I love you. Sharon