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Hello to my family and friends from just over the hilltop in Norwood. I wouldn’t say that this has been typical March weather, but having lived in the North Country for now twenty-five years, we know this is just typical north country weather. Unpredictable and new every year.

It was in the sixties over the weekend and back in the twenties this week. We’ve had lots of rain, dustings of snow (reminds me of confectioner’s sugar sprinkled over French toast), some sun, and many breezes with a toss of wind gusts allowing the ground to dry and the flag to wave vigorously. Speaking of the wind, I forgot to mention last week that the wind settled in from the northeast on the first day of Spring. That indicates, according to Mr. Whitney of southern Vermont, that the next three months will have unsettled weather, often from the northeast. He was one of the mentors I wrote about last week that my Dad looked up to and learned so much from. (the attached photo is my Dad, his friend Sonny, and Mr. Whitney, Sonny’s father). He even let us use his sugar lot for several years and that was where I learned to operate a bulldozer. We didn’t have horses or a tractor. Actually, the bulldozer probably worked better that a tractor in the woods, especially when mud season came. I think mud season might be the fifth season in New England.

Spring flowers

The daffodils are pushing through the ground but we are not ready to rake the leaves away. Dick did loosened the leaves from the flowers and fluffed them around and over the flowers as a protection but not a hindrance to the daffodils. They can easily keep reaching for the warm sunlight.

She is fabulous with flower gardens, arrangements, and works at a greenhouse

I recently talked with a dear friend of our daughters and she is going to come for a visit this spring and help me with suggestions on what and where to plant. She is fabulous with flower gardens, arrangements, and works at a greenhouse. My preference is for peonies, irises, daisies, and rose of Sharon. Maybe bee balm, butterfly bush, gladiolas, and baby’s breath or bridal wreath. Valerie will know!!

Spring clearing and cleaning

Dick has started clearing the yard of winter’s debris and also marked out the pattern for a proposed addition behind the barn/garage/library. He has three of the four holes dug for his footings and is excited to start on one of this year’s projects. This will be an enclosed addition for his lumber, ladders, lawn mower, etc. which will free up the garage to be used as a garage and his workshop rather than a storage area.

I am a creature of habit and realized I was missing that regular schedule

Spring cleaning is moving along with three of the upstairs rooms done, along with the dining room, parlor, and the little office closet. I just put my favorite fifties music on and whistle while I work. Fresh clean curtains and windows (on the inside so far) help make life bright and cheerful. For the ten years of having the diner, Dick and I took Mondays as a date day. He took the day off from his work and we would do laundry, shopping, errands, banking, out to lunch, and anything we wanted just to spend the time together. After closing the diner my days became random as any day could work for shopping and errands. But I am a creature of habit and realized a while ago I was missing that regular schedule of getting things set for the week on a Monday. Yup, you’re right. We reinstated our Monday days together several weeks ago and I couldn’t be more excited as I look forward to getting the week started with him, thus setting the pace for the remainder of the week. I love Mondays!

Easter blessings

This time of the year I find I begin to miss Mrs. Sheehan. She was like another grandmother to our children after we moved to the north country and each year she would have us all over for an afternoon tea and visit. Her oatmeal chocolate cake was one of the favorite desserts she made and each March I make it special in remembrance of her. I even served it at the diner though not all the customers knew it was in her honor. Anyway, I made it for Dick and me last weekend special for Easter. Our children and grandchildren were in Vermont for the weekend and so our Easter dinner was Reuben sandwiches and Mrs. Sheehan’s cake. Simply delicious.

a visual picture of His resurrection and victory o’er the grave as we sang that old familiar hymn

Many years ago, one of our customers whose husband was the minister of the Methodist Church invited us to attend their annual Easter Sunrise service on the River Road. It is at a farm that overlooks the valley and the Raquette River with the sun rising over the distant mountains. This year while standing in the cold, breezy dawn singing “up from the grave He arose, with a mighty triumph o’er His foes; He arose a Victor from the dark domain, and He lives forever with His saints to reign: He arose! He arose! Hallelujah! Christ arose!” the sun rose over the eastern horizon. It was a visual picture of His Resurrection and victory over the grave as we sang that old familiar hymn. What a glorious day.

I think that March may go out like a lion and hopefully usher in those April showers. I am looking forward to relaxing and visiting on the porch as well as raking, pruning, planting, and whatever else needs doing outside. Happy Spring to you from over the hilltop. Love, Sharon