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Spring is “popping” out all over just over the hilltop in Norwood. Dick collected two bouquets of pussy willows for me this year; one for home and one for the bookstore. The day lilies are pushing up out of the ground, the worms are meandering around the driveway, I saw my first robin on the way to the bookstore last week, and the sun has moved higher and higher in the sky. Today the winds are whipping but hopefully that will die down shortly. This is Dick’s favorite time of the year.

Today is also our daughter Kate’s birthday and so I send her huge birthday greetings from the North Country. I don’t think of myself as getting older until I realize just how old our children are. What a blessing they are and have been to us over the years.

What a blessing they are and have been

I must have been more tired than I wanted to admit because after re-reading last week’s journal, a day later, I found more spelling errors and other mistakes than normal. I really do try to get all things perfect and so I offer my apologies to the readers of “just over the hilltop” about life in the North Country.

Trash mystery

We had a strange thing happen last Thursday while at the bookstore. I think I had mentioned that Dick was building a new trash bin at the bookstore and was waiting for the paint to dry before moving it into place. Well, we had two bags of trash to put in after he moved it and he set them in the driveway near the bin. He had gotten tired so came in to rest before sliding the bin into place. After a while he went back out, moved the bin, and turned to get the bags of trash. They were missing. He came in and asked me if I seen or done anything with the trash, which really was a funny idea because I hadn’t been outside but inside helping customers. He returned to look and look and look, but couldn’t find the trash bags. Our normal trash day is Wednesday and that trash had been removed on schedule but the only thing we can think of is our trash man was going by, saw the two bags, and swung in to get them instead of them sitting there until the following Wednesday. I’ll ask him and we hope that is really where they are. There was no wind that day so they didn’t go flying around the neighborhood! A mystery yet to be solved.

Glorious Easter

We attended a beautiful Good Friday service at church and then a glorious Easter service on Sunday. What a testimony to the power of God that Christians still celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ nearly two thousand years later. I believe that is why we have monthly, annual, or century memorials so that we never forget the past but rather hold on to the significant happenings, whether in family, in faith, or in history that helps to build the fabric of our personal lives. I want to know the history and paths of my family heritage which gives me purpose in the link of my life, the inspiration and faithfulness of those who traveled this road before me and who lived by that faith, and the lasting effects of a country given to freedom based on the character and production of its citizens. I am truly blessed to live in such a time as this.

Our ad and a press release will come out in North County this week on Tuesday as we announce to the community at large that Tree of Life Christian Bookstore is open to help and encourage them on their path of faith. We are excited and nervous all at the same time!

So, if I’m not too overwhelmed getting ready for the grand opening, I’ll see you next week in “just over the hilltop.” In the meantime enjoy spring “popping” out wherever you live. (note:  the tulips in today’s photo were purchased because none are around here yet!)  Love, Sharon