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Hello from the mild overcast December day on the hilltop. I am still loving this weather and don’t mind if it continues till mid January. This is a wonderful break from the past couple of years when deep snow and drastic cold temperatures settled in at Thanksgiving time. Yes, I am loving it!

I am a day late for this week’s journal because once again my schedule has been full of outside activities and time with Dick walking, talking, and shopping. This time of the year especially fills with magical and special occasions with family, friends, and neighbors. Thursday of last week the “North Main Street Regulars” had their first get-together at the Lobster House for lunch. My neighbor ladies decided to meet and get to know one another better. Well, actually they already knew each other so I was getting to know them! We had a lovely time and plan on getting together regularly. There were five ladies and none were originally from Norwood, so we had that in common, and it was nice getting to find out more history of the community.

Music and words

That night the Writers met for a wonderful evening of readings. I do believe we are getting better and better at individual skills and have such a variety of talent. Stories included a children’s book about Santa stopping in Norwood to use his relief team of deer, aprons twirling together as stars in orbit, Sinbad setting an example of selfless character, and one writer getting her new and encouraging blog started. We are taking the month of January off and should produce even more great works.

silent night, holy night. all is calm, all is bright

Friday evening the monthly hymn sing, only this time Christmas Carols, was a very special time. Why is it that the traditional songs seem to bring such hope and peace? As we sang Silent Night in closing, we turned off the overhead lights so only the candles in the windows were shining. It produced a calming effect that still resonates as I write. “Silent night, holy night. All is calm, all is bright. “Round yon virgin mother and child. Holy infant so tender and mild. Sleep in heavenly peace, sleep in heavenly peace.”

Arts and crafts

Dick worked upstairs making a stepstool for getting in and out of the claw foot tub easier, installed an exhaust fan in the bathroom, and hand-painted “loves me – loves me not” over the bed in the Daisy room. He also painted a daisy between each phrase with some of their petals floating down the wall. It is lovely.

I was able to make a dozen hats for some children of Norwood-Norfolk this year, and will try to beat that number next year. Dick called them the twelve hats of Christmas. Hopefully, they will be warm and useful for someone this winter….when winter comes. Then on Saturday we spent the day with our five local grandchildren helping them make gifts for their parents, whom we had sent off on a shopping date. We had a wonderful day and secrets are great fun this time of the year.

Yesterday was the West Potsdam Retired Ladies luncheon at Ardie’s with delicious chili and a cookie exchange. We had two little delightful guests that came with Judi. Her grandchildren were visiting at her house for the day and joined the “old” ladies. It was a grand time with good fellowship and good stories.

Small treasures

A little boys voice called recently to say he was missing us and wanted to come visit. Garrett’s mommy told him it was too far to visit but he could call us. So, “hello Papa, hello Dingy Bear, and hello Grandma,” made for a very special phone call from our three-year-old grandson. Thank you, Karen, for letting him call us.

a small candle can light the darkest of days

I have been thinking…….. that the air has been sucked out of Christmas blow-up decorations and I wondered why. It appears most of the inflated ornaments at various homes are deflated and lying on the ground. No spark. No joy. No life. It has been quite disappointing to drive by these extensive decorations and not see them in their glorious stature and brightness. Well, last evening we were out for a meeting and a few had recovered and looked wide awake. Now I’m wondering if maybe they rest during the day and come alive only at night. What a life. Sleep all day and rejoice in the night. Whatever the reason, I love the lights at Christas time and often wish people would extend their decorations through the twelve nights of Christmas ending on January 6th. It would help make the season so merry and bright during the shortest days and longest nights. Think about it, please? A small candle can light the darkest of days.

Speaking of which, the days are dwindling down till Christmas and there is still much to do. Keep your chin up, your music loud, and enjoy one another! Love always, Sharon