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Today I am writing “Just Over the Hilltop” from the bookstore as I try to catch up on a few things waiting for a customer to stop by. Hello on this mostly sunny day that I am rejoicing in and watching as dandelions turn to puffballs and begin to spread their seeds over the neighborhood. Another beautiful day in this neighborhood.

Back in the neighborhood of Norwood the maples have almost stopped their dropping of the maple flowers and the floating puffs of someone’s cottonwood tree have slowed down. The white lilacs have opened, the crabapple tree blossomed quickly, the violets and lilies of the valley are in full bloom, and the peonies are getting very few buds this year. But whatever they give I am grateful for and will enjoy fully. The irises here at the bookstore are plentiful and reaching upward while the few in Norwood are still struggling to recover from the hungry deer. Each spring brings something new, depending on the weather cycle.

America the Beautiful

Last week when turning on to Spring Street coming to work, my heart swelled with unexpected pride and joy on seeing the village had put out the flags for Memorial Day. They lined the street and along with the flags on individual homes, I couldn’t help but be thankful for both this little village and for living in America. May God keep us ever thankful and free.

couldn’t help but be thankful for both this little village and for living in America

Monday, we went to the Beautiful Blooms Greenhouse to get hanging plants for the porch and potted geraniums for the stumps between the fences. Then we attended the parade and Memorial Service in the park which fills me with pride but also solemn sadness. The anthems of each military branch brings smiles and a desire to be marching with them while the empty table, the names read of those fallen, and the echoed playing of taps at the end of the service leaves me weeping. And cry I did. And there were many others crying, too. This year one of the most impressionable moments was opening my eyes while crying and seeing the old and young veterans standing at attention and saluting while taps was being played. That increased my tears and gratefulness to our military who volunteered to do an oftentimes unpleasant duty. And a humble duty at that. Thank you to my family, friends, and those I don’t even know that served with great honor.

We also went to peek in at a place we were considering for a mission we are planting and while leaning against the window the noon church bells began to play “Lead On, O King Eternal” which seemed quite appropriate for the path we are about to head down. Tuesday we looked inside and have said “yes”, to renting the spot and to God, who is leading us. I will write more as it develops in our lives.

the noon church bells began to play “Lead On, O King Eternal” which seemed quite appropriate

My van started making strange and odd noises following a recent oil change and occasionally didn’t make any sound. But over the weekend it seemed worse and so in it went to the shop again. It now has new innards including radiator, water pump, drive belt, serpentine belt, hoses, and o-rings. We picked it up last night and so far it sounds and runs great. I’m so grateful for those who can do what Dick and I can’t and that they do it well. R & R Automotive (and yes this is an ad here in the journal). P.S. I love this van and it still has a great underside and only 148,000 miles on it. I’m praying for many more miles and a couple more years.

Dick is climbing up and down ladders while painting the house down the road and is exhausted at the end of each day but recovers well overnight to continue. We are glad for the work and he enjoys painting. He finished the old $2 rocker I wrote about last time and it is now in our living room. Another project completed.

Shades of Green

I have been thinking ……….. about the Irish song, “Forty Shades of Green” and understanding it is an exaggeration, there really are many shades of green I see as I travel this time of the year. Even a mowed lawn, a line of trees, or the arrangement of the sprouting leaves display seemingly “forty shades of green”. Isn’t it amazing, the beauty of green? I think it makes the best background color for displaying the “hundreds” of beautiful flowers. No wonder God stepped back and declared “it is good” at the end of each day of creation. Indeed, it is good. Thank you, Lord.

I have a few phone calls to make and so will sign off for today. Be blessed and enjoy the “forty shades of green” as you travel this season. Love, Sharon