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Welcome to the year 2018 and the continuing saga of life “just over the hilltop” in Norwood. Right now the mild temperature of 21 feels summery after the bitter cold spell we’ve just come through. But it will be short lived has those low temperatures with wind chill (something I’d never heard of growing up) return tomorrow. We are getting light flurries leaving a coating on the roads and making them look a little slippery. I think we are only going to accumulate one to two inches.

Dick took the Christmas tree down this morning, a couple of days early, and took it to the village pile before the snow started. We usually wait until Epiphany but didn’t want to venture out on Saturday. Planning ahead! Anyway, we are still celebrating the twelve nights of Christmas by reading and praying for those who sent Christmas cards and we especially enjoy the updated photos of family and friends. Thank you. We are counting our blessings from last year and keeping track of the weather pattern for the coming year. So far it looks as though the pattern might be colder than usual with not much precipitation until August. Well, however the year’s weather falls, we “will rejoice and be glad for it is a day that the Lord has made.”

Family and friends

The bed and breakfast has been quiet for the last three weeks which is always a nice break. Our guests at this time of the year are family and we were blessed to have my brother, Don, with his finance, Linda, visit for a couple of days. It seems I hadn’t seen him for a year or more, which makes the visit even more precious. We are very happy for him and really liked and enjoyed Linda. Welcome to this amazing, crazy family.

excited to have them stop unexpectantly and stay for a long overdue chat

During these weeks we also had a visit from Emily, a friend and former waitress, who was home spending Christmas with her family. It is always a pleasure to get a blast from the past and to see what God is doing in their lives. She is such a beautiful and thoughtful young lady and we love having her stop by. Late New Year’s Eve our friends, Keith and Denise, were driving home from an event at their church and saw our lights still on. We were so excited to have them stop unexpectantly and stay for a long overdue chat. What a special evening.

Dick finished the steps for the handicapped woman in the cold, sleet, and snowstorm over Christmas weekend. Actually just before the deep cold set in. We were both so thankful for the completion of that project and hopefully it will serve her well and safely.

Piano Joy

Did I tell you I had the honor to play Christmas music for three services on Christmas Eve day for two different churches? Our regular morning service as well as the evening service and then for the midnight service at the Methodist church here in the village. What a special day it was with the morning choir singing “The Birthday of a King” phasing in to “O Holy Night.” They were marvelous. Then in the evening the whole congregation raised the roof while I’m sure the angels joined in with “O Holy Night.” I think this song must be a favorite to many people. So beautiful. Then at midnight the small group of voices brought in the birthday of our Lord by singing “Silent Night” by candlelight. A wonderful start to our quiet Christmas.

wonderful start to our quiet Christmas

Dick’s birthday sometimes get lost in the celebrations but Eric, Andrea, and the grandchildren came over that evening to sing “Happy Birthday” to him and have dessert. Another special evening to a lovely holiday.

As we look forward to 2018 we each have a new “book” to live filled with twelve chapters containing about thirty stories of daily goals, activities, work schedules, and fun-filled outings. Oftentimes random and unplanned. May your book be filled with many adventures, new challenges, precious joys, and a deep faith that keeps you grounded yet hopeful. I look forward to my life’s adventures and writing about them to share with you. “God bless us everyone.” Love, Sharon