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The beauty of this time of the year reminds me of two songs. One is “The autumn leaves drift by my window” and today the trees are releasing many of their glorious leaves as it sometimes appears to be raining yellow, orange, and some red/browns giving the ground a natural beauty as well. The transfer of color from tree to earth is amazingly gorgeous.

The second song we sang at church on Sunday is “For the Beauty of the Earth” written by Folliott S. Pierpoint. This song expresses gratitude for the natural beauties around us; the sun, moon, stars, flowers, etc. and for the joys of friends and family that they bring into our lives. “Lord, of all to Thee we raise, This our hymn of grateful praise.”

each time we step the sound of crisp crunching comes from underfoot

Dick trimmed and cut down another “witch” tree (buckthorn) and thinned the fence line which opened up the lilacs to breathe and get more sun next spring. He also raked the leaves from the front yard to the edge of the road for village pick-up. We are very grateful for the little extras of living in the village. Neither one of us can remember having so many maple seeds in our years of life. The yard and porch are full of them. Each time we step the sound of crisp crunching comes from underfoot and we just smile and think of all the new maples that could possible grow if they were to survive.

Together we have washed the windows on the porch, washed and put up the storm windows, put the wicker furniture and cushions away for the winter, and just want to get some square bales of bedding hay to put around my kitchen corner. That really helps keep the kitchen warmer during the coldest of winter days. I remember after playing in the leaves in West Dummerston, Vermont, where I grew up, my Dad had us put the leaves around the house for insulation. He put up a two to three foot wall of tar paper (that’s my memory anyhow) about a foot from the basement wall. We then stuffed and stuffed the leaves into that border wall to help keep our house warm. Great memories of making do with what you’ve been given – sometimes freely given by your natural surroundings.

being childlike is great fun and it’s better than being childish

Both of us are also enjoying scuffing about in the leaves, smelling the earthy aroma, and delighting in kicking the drying colored leaves just for the fun of it. Being childlike is great fun and it’s better than being childish. A big difference.

We’ve had many visitors stop at the bookstore to chat and keep me company. I think that might be one of my favorite things about the store with another being able to find the appropriate book or item for someone.

I’m back though you didn’t know I left for a while. Fixed supper and then sat on the porch watching the gray clouds moving in, catching a glimpse of the sun setting below the clouds, and basking in the quiet of the “day is done” feeling. I hope you are scuffing about as you prepare for the next season and loving the “beauty of this world.” Love, Sharon