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Hello from the “just over the hilltop” in Norwood where the days have once again been jumbled and fumbled together like an overflowing bowl of ping pong balls. Trying to add something extra to the day or bowl causes spills and sometimes doesn’t seem to accomplish its purpose. And so after having a few days of ease, these last two weeks started racing by with such speed that I didn’t even keep notes.

We have had unexpected company and graduation bed and breakfast guests from afar. My cousin-in-law from Texas came for a visit while traveling around the northeast and we had a lovely and very enjoyable time. That was sandwiched between three extra meetings, and Ruth was very gracious about it. God had it perfectly planned so it was not stressful at all. Then I went to hear the pipe organ at the Congregational Church after our weekend graduation guests left on Sunday. Dick left before our guests for church in Potsdam and after our guests were on their way, I had just time enough to stop in the village, enjoy their service, and hear the beautiful organ. That was an extra blessing in my week.

had just enough time to stop in the village, enjoy their service, and hear the beautiful organ

There was also writers’ group, visits with Eric’s family, more cleaning with Elizabeth helping me, the “Old-Time Gospel Sing Along” at the bookstore, the West Potsdam Retired Ladies luncheon, and almost getting the manual for a new church finished. Dick found two rocking chairs by the side of the road and brought them home to refinish. They have given us more seating space on the wrap-around porch. They are beautiful.

Then he found another rocker for $2 that needed to be restrung and a new seat made. He has finished that but it comes inside to the living room. Not sure how more rocking chairs he’ll refurbish but he is enjoying it. Actually, the weather is more conducive for painting and so he has begun another house painting job a few houses down the street.

as we travel this road of life let’s live our dreams and passions with integrity, joy, and purpose

The lily of the valley is starting to open its flowers, a few violets are showing up, dandelions are plentiful, trilliums grace the roadside on the way to the bookstore, and my white lilacs have a few buds. It seems as though the floral garnish of spring is very sleepy this year and painstakingly slow in displaying its beauty but I’m not complaining though finding myself anxiously waiting for glorious colors to explode around me. Dick put up the white picket fences along the driveway so we now need to get red geraniums to offset them in splendor. I haven’t decided what to get for hanging plants on the porch but hopefully we’ll find something this weekend.

I was looking through some quotes I have scribbled on various scraps of paper and came across a couple to share: “If you are right you don’t need anyone’s approval, you don’t need to flaunt it, you can go it alone” by Davy Crockett and “Those who say it cannot be done, should not interrupt those doing it” a Chinese Proverb. As we travel this road of life let’s live our dreams and passions with integrity, joy, and purpose. Seek council when necessary but go it alone if it’s your goal to pursue. I said this before but it is good to be reminded. When making decisions in my life I pray from Proverbs 16 that God “would direct my thoughts and my steps.” When He does I don’t need to prove anything to others or let interruptions stop the furtherance of a particular calling. May you, too, find purpose, joy, and with integrity – go for it! Love, Sharon