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“Rainy days and Mondays” don’t get me down. I actually love both. Quite often I get more done on a rainy day for I’m not as distracted. Especially if I have the day free of any obligations or appointments. Anyway, I think Karen Carpenter’s voice was amazing and though I like the song I really do love rainy days and Mondays. They seem to quiet my soul as I putter about with regular and ordinary household duties.

There was a bald eagle that flew over us on our travels home from Canton last week. Such beauty and majesty. A glorious sight to behold. We have begun to hear more and more geese as they follow the river south, stopping in the field behind us for rest and feed. Though the temperatures have dropped drastically, we still haven’t had a frost and so the brilliant colors of fall are turning slowly. I think the peak will be later this month instead of around Columbus Day.


Speaking of Columbus Day, that was the weekend that I met Dick thirty-six years ago. We talked well into the early morning hours getting to know one another. I beat him in several rounds of ping pong and he sang “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” to me as my divorce was moving forward and I had gone to this retreat at Mt. Monadnock to face that it was final, take a deep breath, and see where God would lead me next. I had five small children and that didn’t even scare him away. What an amazing man he was and is and fourteen months later we were married. I am thankful daily.

what an amazing man he was and is

The new windows for the bookstore came in on Friday and Dick finished installing them both today. He just needs to paint the outside trim and they will be a wonderfully warm update to the old schoolhouse building. Next week he intends to replace the small end window and that will complete one project for this year. It is so nice to have light coming into the store again for one window has been boarded up for about three weeks while waiting for the ordered windows to come.

The dining room table is regularly spread with my worksheets, ordering catalogs, bills to be paid, etc. and last night I stuffed it all on the piano bench to put on the fall tablecloth with a small wagon centerpiece. This was to show our regular guest that sometimes the table is clear and clean. He laughed because if he’s like Dick, he didn’t even notice there was “stuff” on this table each time he comes. We have been blessed with our guests and often on the weekends I need to clear everything for our breakfast guests. Our weekly guest doesn’t eat here but with his friends at the college. Anyway, I was thinking how I sometimes want to impress others with any skill or ability I have and usually no one is paying attention. How self-centered is that? Oh well, the table looked very nice and presentable last night and for a while this morning. I’ve needed to spread out my work again!


I was able to capture (as well as my camera and eye will) the pink in the gray clouds the other evening. I love gray and pink together and the sunset was just beautiful. Once again I am grateful to dwell just over the hilltop here in Norwood and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me. This is my favorite time of the year and the rainy days don’t steal that joy from me as I wait patiently for the color to burst on the scene shortly. I hope you are enjoying God’s lovely creation as well. Love, Sharon