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“When the red, red robin comes bob bob bobbin’ along, along. There’ll be no more sobbin’ when he starts throbbin’ his old sweet song.” Lately I’ve been thinking of this song by Al Jolson and my Grandpa Bills used to sing it to me when I was little.

I’d love to hear Grandpa’s cheerful voice and see his wide smile once again as he dug dandelion greens, sat on the dock at the lake, or prepared us a special breakfast at his camp. I lived with him and Grandma for the first two years of high school and we had many special moments together and now if I reach into my treasured memory box I can almost hear him singing, “wake up, wake up you sleepy head. Get up, get up get out of bed. Cheer up, cheer up the sun is red. Live, love, laugh and be happy,” and this morning I was very happy. I saw my first robins from the upsatirs window! Maybe that was why I’ve been thinking of him and this song.

Cheer up, cheer up the sun is red. Live, love, laugh, and be happy

The other evening I heard a few geese in the distance as they journey back north. The snowbanks are settling and melting, and I can hear the train moving on down the line through the swamp. The squirrels are very active but still no sign of deer. It does appear we are on the way to more spring-like weather and Dick is helping the ice and snow to melt more quickly by chopping and scraping a little each end of the day. I am even beginning spring cleaning!

Monthly gatherings

Writers’ group was amazing last week with stories, poems, blog writings, and a video of one author reading a book using her beautiful pictures of nature to illustrate and appropriate background music to enhance the story. There were some tears shed over several writings, sitting on the edge of our seats all the way to the end of an adventure story, and heartfelt encouragement of one another’s talents. Love this group of writers.

I’m mighty proud of this Ragged Old Flag

Friday the West Potsdam Retired Ladies luncheon was held at Judi’s with her granddaughter helping to entertain us. It is a joy to share lunch and fellowship with friends and we look forward to those returning soon from their southern winter homes. That evening we went to Bible study at Eric’s and once again enjoyed the time with dear friends and family looking into the book of Matthew. I love it when the children read aloud and are even willing to answer questions or ask them. It is a safe place for them to learn.

We bought a new flag for the front porch because our old one was getting faded, ragged, and torn. Dick folded it and then changed his mind about taking it to be disposed of properly. He is going to hang it in his library with a sign that says, “I’m mighty proud of this Ragged Old Flag.” (from a Johnny Cash song)

Summer projects

I’ve started a list of projects to be done around here this year and thankfully it isn’t too long. If the schoolhouse sale falls through then the list will get longer because there will be maintenance work over there and some projects if we decide to use it ourselves. I feel the schoolhouse is similar to a horse that doesn’t earn its keep yet continues to eat you out of house and barn. In this case out of building and property so we want it to be useful and not neglected. In the meantime, we are wishin’ and hopin’ and prayin’ the sale goes through.

I am waiting patiently for the weather to be warm enough to sit on the porch reading, rocking, or visiting. Company is always welcome to come “just over the hilltop” and rock with me while we visit and share our life with one another. We might even have a glass of iced tea, wine, or a root beer float! Have a lovely March week. Love, Sharon