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“Oh, what a beautiful morning, Oh, what a beautiful day”……and I am enjoying it by alternating my inside and outside projects. It is not too hot, not too cold. In other words, a seemingly perfect day “just over the hilltop.” And I’m enjoying the porch.

As usual I have let the tares(weeds) grow up with the wheat(flowers) and now it is easier to tell them apart. If that is a lazy way of tending to the garden, I confess, that’s me. But if it can be construed as a means of handling the garden when living a busy and wonderful life is more important and it really isn’t one’s forte, then I go for it. That’s me. As much as I admire the beauty of flowers, there are other things I’d rather be doing.

as much as I admire the beauty of flowers, there are other things I’d rather be doing

And doing them I am! The bookstore is beginning to reach more people and we’ve decided that we will have summer hours by adding Wednesday to our open days. So starting next week Tree of Life will be open four days a week: Wednesday through Saturday. We’ll then decide our fall and winter hours after Labor Day. Friday night was the monthly sing a-long and what a special and glorious time it always is. The blessing of song along with people you love makes for an amazing evening. Catie and I had an impromptu game of who can hold a note the longest at the end of a couple of songs. So far she is winning, which means I should practice breath control again because I like to win, too!

Porch picnic

Lester B. Grumble, Dick’s hand puppet, went to church Sunday to meet the director of the Vacation Bible School. The theme is “In The Wild,” and though he is not a wild bear, he is a bear, and he may be part of the closing program. Lester seemed excited and happy to be back in service and Dick was glad to have him back at the end of his arm. He loves his puppets and I love when Dick is able to use his talent bringing pleasure and teachings to others.

After church Eric, Andrea, and the grandchildren came over for lunch and spent the day with us. We had a porch picnic and once again the weather was perfect. The children listened or played while we were deep in conversation and later in the day we took them to look at our next mission as we begin to follow God’s leading here in Norwood.

New direction

We have rented 7 Mechanic Street to begin a small church intending and hoping to reach the unchurched or those who have not been to church for many years. Our hearts have always been for the growth and maturing of the local church, which is why we opened the Christian Bookstore. But God seems to be taking us out of our comfort zone and into an evangelical realm to help people who may be discouraged, depressed, or disheartened in their life and might now be looking for spiritual direction that can give new life to their worried souls. This is totally new for us, but not new for God and as long as He keeps opening the doors we will walk in and will trust that He will accomplish His will in and through us.

as long as He keeps opening the doors we will walk in and will trust that He will accomplish His will in and through us

Anyway, that is our new direction and as soon as Dick finishes painting the house down the road for his customer, he will begin painting the inside of our rented place preparing it for opening in September. We are excited, anxious, and totally dependent on God and the counsel of those whom God may send to help. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. God works through prayer and is both directing our steps and our thoughts as we lay this mission before Him. Thank you so much.

Probably one of the most important goals in our marriage was to be used as a team in whatever God wanted to do through us. We desired to be a Priscilla and Aquila (if you are familiar with them in scripture) and serve the church and the community similar to them. But more than that, we wanted to do all things in season and not skip any section of life producing regrets in our later life. So here we are in our later years and God has honored our desires. We find ourselves with no regrets but still with strength and energy, faith and hope, and dreams and goals and a desire to be active and useful in this season. Lord, “teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom” Psalm 90:12. I trust that you are enjoying this beautiful weather and this season of your life. Love, Sharon