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Hello from the beautiful sunny hilltop in Norwood. The temperature has actually dropped to cold: one degree this morning and only in the low twenties at the moment. Oh, but the sun is warming my heart as it rises higher each morning and sets later each night. A few inches of snow came over the weekend and I enjoy the glaring brightness that fills the house with its glorious light. I love winter from the inside!

Did I tell you that back in West Potsdam we had a neighbor, Bev, that delights the entire neighborhood with Christmas Angel Food Cakes? It takes her several weeks to complete her ambitious gifts and to my surprise she brought me one a couple of Saturdays ago. Ardie, another neighbor came with her and we had a wonderful visit on a Saturday afternoon. How special to be on the receiving end of Bev’s delicious gift.

For sale or rent

Friday of last week we decided to go ahead and list the Schoolhouse property with a realtor again: For Sale or For Rent. If you see anyone around, hopefully it is being shone and the right buyer will come along and have a big dream. And some money! Sometimes I think of it as an old mare still hanging around and eating you out of house and barn. Doing nothing to earn its keep, but looking beautiful and sad along with many memories that don’t let go. We are praying for it to sell or rent soon as we are ready to let go.

as an old mare still hanging around and eating you out of house and barn

Speaking of selling, the house next door has been bought and is getting its insides all in shape again. It will be wonderful seeing light beaming from the windows, young children running around, and having new neighbors to visit with. I’m happy to watch the activity coming and going on over there. Yes, I’m watching and will make cookies or muffins sometime soon.

Our friends Dave and Judi came for supper and a lovely visit Friday evening and Sunday I cooked breakfast for twelve friends from our Sunday School class. I’m very grateful for the chance to get to know them better and to be “back in the kitchen” again: that is, being a short order cook.

Pledging: right or wrong

I’ve been thinking ………about a time in my life when I was questioning if a Christian (me) could pledge allegiance to God and pledge allegiance to the flag of America. I am of the opinion that when I’m searching and sifting through a serious question and wanting to do the right thing. I refrain from the thing in question until I’m sure of my answer.

During that time in question, I did not say the pledge of allegiance but would quietly stand to honor those around me as well as the flag. I loved this country but was struggling through allegiance. When I finished my prayerful study, I came to the conclusion that one did not compromise the other and that my standing in Christ did not undermine or threaten my standing as a citizen of these United States or visa versa.

When in doubt, don’t” has been a standard cliche in my life

It was not always easy to stand quietly because I grew up saying the Pledge and held this country in high regard. “When in doubt, don’t” has been a standard cliché in my life and so I held back. A similar decision was made when I was fighting breast cancer. I refrained from eating meat temporarily so my body could tend to healing itself instead of working hard on digestion. I still loved meat and I still loved America. I just needed to know that if meat might hinder healing, I’d wait until I was whole again and if pledging allegiance to America might hinder my relationship with God, I’d refrain.

I can now say with total embrace of both love and devotion, I can enter into the Pledge of Allegiance without damaging my relationship with God and can deepen my relationship with God without damaging America. I can render unto Caesar (America) what is due America, and render unto God that which is due to God. Not a doubt anymore!

Are you struggling in your life? Don’t be afraid to step back, check it out thoroughly, and then press on in faith and good will. Well, my January respite is over now and I look forward to and embrace February with all its love and chocolates! Lovingly, Sharon