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“Rain in May means a barn full of hay” is a phrase I’ve heard and if true the farmers should be very happy with all this rain. Here, just over the hilltop in Norwood, the cold, damp, rainy days continue on and on and when the sun breaks through, even for two minutes, it is cause for rejoicing. In spite of the cool spring days the leaves are stretching outward, the rose brush is sending up new stems, and the grass is growing. We were mowed today for the first of this season!

Every year since living in the north country we have found each season to have its own distinct weather and yet we always get planting, weeding, harvesting, and canning done in preparation for winter. So the seasons come and go, one after another, and though seemingly slow some years, we get them all.

Libaries, music and chairs

The Library Ladies (Susan and me) have sent out our reports of the Colton Hepburn Library and you can check them out on Facebook – The Library Ladies – and will also find several pictures that tell the history and story of each library. We are enjoying these visits and hope you will, too.

Sunday the choir sang a new-to-them song that was peppy, encouraging, and wonderfully done. “Only a Sinner Saved by Grace” seemed to delight and bless even the congregation. I love to play for the choir and introduce new songs they like and it is a very special time in my week – both the practice and the performance.

Dick and I were laughing and singing those songs all the way home

Friday night we attended the show at Christian Fellowship Center, “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” with our friends Joe and Susan. What a tremendous performance of musical and acting talent by the children of the Friday church school program. Plus the artistry of backdrops, make-up, choreography, and the live orchestra. We were laughing and singing those songs all the way home!

On Saturday Dick attended the men’s breakfast at church and then started taking the rust off the vintage lawn chairs we had gotten a couple of weeks ago. They have been stripped, painted, and now grace the front porch. They are lovely to look at and fit perfectly. It really doesn’t take much to make us happy or delighted and that is my feeling with these throw away chairs now restored on the porch.


Last night Dick and I went to stay with the local grandchildren for the evening and we had a wonderful time. We had an impromptu time of show and tell and then a time to share your favorite Bible story or character and why. Papa played show and tell by revealing what he keeps in his pants pocket and why. That was very interesting and the grandchildren were amazed at his choices. Matthew and Reagan shared about their Legos and the three girls showed their knick-knacks and dolls. As for the Bible stories, there was Noah’s Ark because of all the animals, David and Goliath because of the courage of David, Jesus and the crucifixion (thinking of recent Easter), Adam and Eve with the emphasis on the plants in the garden, and Proverbs. I found that to be interesting because Proverbs is a rather large book of small and concise teachings concerning relationships in a family and with neighbors. This led us to great conversations and questions by the children and the grandparents.

Papa had taken his book “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” and after our show and tell time, he started reading this intriguing story (different from the movie) that held our attention and interest. He read the first two chapters and we’ll return for more soon. Popcorn followed and then time for bed. It was a wonderful evening and we got home before our guest for the bed and breakfast came in for the night.

Perfect and Special

I’ve been thinking ……. that you might be thinking that I have a perfect and special life. Well, I do …to some extent. It is very special because of the people God has brought into my life, especially Dick. He and I had set ground rules and purposes at the beginning of our marriage that continue to this day. We honor and serve the other more than ourselves, we don’t let the sun go down on any anger or disagreement we have had in a day, and we strive (though it isn’t hard) to fall in love every day by the little things we do for each other. A gentle touch, a secret smile across the room, a time of quiet, and a time to talk. Holding the door, carrying the groceries, fixing a favorite meal, or typing an essay. “It’s the little things that make us love each other so” (I just changed up the words a little in that song).

It’s the little things that make us love each other so

I saw a quote by Carl Jung, “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” I have found that if I look inside to my own imperfections they are generally the same as those irritations I see in Dick or maybe someone else. Best to fix me and keep our relationship in tact. Yes, we are devoted to each other, keep short accounts, check our own hearts, and live a nearly perfect and special life with each other. Thanks for asking!

Have a blessed week and may God help you to have a perfect and special life. Love, Sharon