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Here we are just over the hilltop with the bright sun warming the atmosphere on this first day of spring. The wind is coming in from the southwest which indicates that the next three months may be warmer than usual which would be a nice break from the constant cold of the last three months. I don’t remember a January thaw, or any thaw for that matter and so the banks of snow are still quite high in some places and the pile around the kitchen windows is frozen and melting painstakingly slowly.

I have not seen a robin but some pigeons are back in the area and finding any loose stick or leaf along the edges of the snow as they build a nest in the corner of our neighbor’s portico. Neither of us like their cooing or their messy droppings. Dick says we may look for a fake owl to hopefully keep them from our barn or rooftop. Floyd our fabulous pink flamingo flapping in the Norway maple doesn’t seem to scare them away. Must be the eyes and maybe only owl eyes can frighten the pigeons. Flamingo eyes aren’t scary.

maybe only owl eyes can frighten the pigeons.  Flamingo eyes aren’t scary.

I tried saving one of the hanging Boston Ferns from the porch by taking it to the Bookstore. I have given it several haircuts on the underside and mist it each day we are open. New growth is coming and though it thinned out some, seems to be still healthy. I will bring it back to the porch and see how it does this summer. I don’t have a green thumb so this is quite a surprise for me to have gotten it safely through the winter months. We’ll see how it responds to the warm weather when it fully arrives.

Last week Dick once again in his “lawn ranger persona” jerry-rigged our neighbors’ mailboxes over at the bookstore. They had been hit by the plow during the winter and had been leaning against our mailbox, which had been working just fine, until the high winds came in last week. We found them face down on the side of the road and so Dick took bailing twine and secured them to our mailbox until their posts are repaired and the boxes straightened up. At least they can still get their mail!

New friends

Yesterday I worked at the village election for a trustee to finish a one-year position left by someone who had moved away. It was from noon to nine and very few people came to vote but Lisa and I had a lovely nine hours of visiting and getting to know one another. This was her first time as an inspector and our first time meeting. I enjoyed seeing and talking with those who came through to vote and now we are good until next year’s election.

to every thing there is a season

I took down the window candles this morning and now just need to be sure all holiday decorations are together to be boxed and carted to the attic. Spring is here and it’s time to put away the last of winter. Eccl. 3:1 tells us “to every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.” And the time to put holiday decorations away is now.

Sunday afternoon we spent some time at Eric’s with the grandchildren watching an 80’s musical called “Hi Tops.” Our children loved it when they were in their teens as it deals with teen peer pressure and how to recognize that pressure being applied in your life. It is funny, sad, and challenging as it openly discusses issues that surround young people. And it makes way for great discussion in a natural and safe environment – the home. We had a wonderful time and are thankful for the openness and transparency of our grandchildren. May God keep them safe and pure as they travel the youth road to adulthood.

I’ve gotten behind already on my writing goals and we have a meeting tomorrow evening. Can I reason that I have been reading and studying on writing memoirs and short stories in preparation? Maybe. But now I really should get to the actual writing with pen and paper. Here goes. Have a blessed week and I’ll be back next Tuesday. Love, Sharon