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Oh, October, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Harvest parties, wagon rides, bonfires, scuffing about in the drying leaves, the smell of apple pies and harvest soups, and the smell of the earthy dried leaves and geraniums. Sweaters, the cool crisp air, soccer and field hockey (from my high school days), pumpkins and sensational sunsets. Woolly bears, geese honking and the herds of deer in corn fields and hayed fields. And best of all…… meeting Dick thirty-seven years ago. I would say October is my favorite month of the year. Welcome October!

Hello from “just over the hilltop” where thunder is sounding in the distance though the sun is shining here at the moment. Dick is working in the garage making a couple more signs and I am writing you. We had a date this morning which means running errands and then this evening I have the election renewal training. Once a year those involved in helping at the elections need to go through a training session and take a test. Tests are not my strong point but I do enjoy working the elections so I push through and try to do my best.

the phrase “short and sweet” comes to mind

Our weekend guests were repeats and we always enjoy seeing them again. We try to catch up on each other’s life in a short period of time and the phase “short and sweet” comes to mind as that is what happens. The main reason they are here is to visit their daughter at college and so our conversations seem to be rapid and concise. Nevertheless, it is great joy our guests bring to us.

Saturday an older couple from a couple of hours away stopped in at the bookstore. I was so happy to see them and it only took a few seconds for them to discover that we now owned the bookstore. They were former customers from Mom’s Schoolhouse Diner and so I hadn’t seen them since we closed six years ago. They used to come to the area for gun shows and then to the diner, so what a lovely surprise it was to see them and talk for a short while. Unexpected and delighted surprises are so encouraging.

Catching up

This first section was written two weeks ago. Somehow I never finished the journal that day and am just returning to write two weeks later.  From my notes I ran into a “mindblock” that seems to have lasted for two weeks. I’m back and will try to finish today. We have had more guests, the writers’ group met, a “Sing-Along” at the bookstore and Dick’s check-up at the clinic. He is doing well and we are thankful for God’s intervention in his heart issues six and a half years ago.

Today the West Potsdam Retired Ladies had their luncheon at Bonnie’s with a delicious meal and wonderful fellowship. It is such a relaxing joy to meet with the ladies each month and today was a perfect day for it.

I was there to clear my head and emotions……he was there because a dear friends had “pushed” him

I mentioned at the beginning of the journal that Dick and I met thirty-seven years ago, at a Singles Retreat at the Monadnock Bible Conference in Jaffrey, NH. I was there to clear my head and emotions from the divorce proceedings going on in my life and he was there because a dear friend had “pushed” him to go. I wanted to be alone for a few days where no one knew me before starting the single-parent job of raising five children (ages seven months to twelve). I was learning to lean on God more and more and discovered that He had promised in the scriptures to be a father to the fatherless and a helper to the widows. Being divorced is like going through a death of your spouse and all the feelings, fears, and emotions are identical. How I needed His help, reassurance, and guidance for the years ahead.

On the second night we met and talked into the wee hours of the morning. That began a courtship that resulted in getting married fourteen months later. The rest is history. This Sunday we took a “Sunday afternoon cruise” in celebration of our life together. We traveled down one road and then made a decision. Right or left. Then went to the end of that road and made another decision. Right or left. Eventually we ended up near Waddington and decided to go to a favorite spot, the beach where we walked and talked and watched a ship go by. When we lived in Waddington it was a special treat to go there in the evening after the chores were done at the farm. The children could swim, we would watch the sunset, marvel at the cows out on the island, and sometimes catch a ship passing through the seaway. Precious memories.

And Sunday we added yet another memory. I hope you are enjoying this wonderful month of October and making your own memories while living today. Love, Sharon