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Good morning from just over the hilltop in Norwood where I’m waiting for the ladies to arrive for a luncheon. I am already late but thought I’d take a moment to start the journal while waiting for them. This morning’s sunrise was beautiful as it reflected an orangey-yellow glare off the last of the clinging leaves on the Norway maple. We are watching as they slowly release their grip and more and more of Fabulous Floyd the Flying Pink Flamingo gets exposed. We have a great view out the kitchen window of his legs and part of his stomach but his head is still hidden behind stubborn leaves. Wonder if he even wants to see us in our warm home while he spends the harsh winter entertaining us?

Well, I made chili, zippy vegetable soup, and corn bread for today’s luncheon with apple crisp for dessert. I always look forward to the ladies luncheon as we share joys, concerns, and ideas for family gatherings or recipes. Also the funny stories of days gone by are probably my favorite.

 Wi-Fi toy

Did I tell you that while my son-in-law Jami was here for our family Thanksgiving, he, Dick, Eliot, and Byron went to find and get me a printer that doesn’t need to be connected to my laptop. I can print things from the laptop and not have to re-enter my work after correcting it. In other words, I have been writing the journal on the old non-internet computer and printing it to then have Dick check for accuracy of information and that I haven’t exposed things I’d be sorry for at a later date plus my lack of commas or wrongly placed apostrophes. I think he uses too many commas, he thinks I use too few. (That, perhaps, is correct, says Dick.) Then after corrections, I type it into my laptop where I can then send it out to you. BUT NOW… I am writing, printing, and just coming back to correct on my laptop. It is saving me about two hours of work and I love it. Thank you to “my boys” for getting me set up and to Karen for suggesting a wi-fi printer.

It is saving me about two hours of work and I love it

Hello again as I left to host the ladies from West Potsdam for our November luncheon, am cleaning up, and took a break to continue on the journal. It was another lovely afternoon with the retired women though this month we’re missing one, who has already flown south. It is a special time each month and now we look forward to Eileen’s with a cookie exchange in December.

Writers’ Group continues to meet with wonderful sharing of journals, poetry, stories and fond memories. A very special twice a month gathering. I hosted and fed thirteen men from church for breakfast on Saturday for their monthly meeting. The ladies annual bazaar was the same day as their meeting so I said, “I’ll feed them!” I love fixing breakfasts and this time they got biscuits with sausage gravy, ham and cheese egg casseroles, English muffins, and my homemade jams. Of course there was coffee, juice, and fruit, too. They behaved themselves and didn’t pick on me too much so I will have them return again.

New Goal

Sunday afternoon we went to the schoolhouse to turn on the heat and to size up the floor plan for what we are seriously planning on doing with it. If all goes well we’ll have the schoolhouse up and open again in an entirely different avenue. Stay tuned for those interested. We will want your input as spring gets closer.

Count your blessings, name them one by one

Tuesday I worked the election here in Norwood and though it was a very long day, I love working with the others and seeing and meeting more people. It was a good day. I am still helping with the choir on Wednesdays and missing the ladies Bible study. But next week I get to see some of them as they redeem the coupons I wrote about last week. I am excited and looking forward to next week

I should go finish cleaning up and getting ready for our weekly guest for the bed and breakfast. This retirement is amazingly wonderful and full! Have a good week and though the November days seem long and dreary, let’s “count our blessings, name them one by one.” Family, friends, food, fun, faith, and fellowship that comes in many ways and activities. That is just the beginning of my blessings. See you next week! Love, Sharon

P.S.  I just noticed that this is the 100th post of “Just Over the Hilltop!”