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Hello from “just over the hilltop” following a fast moving thunderstorm with torrential rain and then brilliant sunshine even before the storm passed by. July is living up to its reputation of hot and humid. I think of my poor Mom and thank her for giving me birth in the heat of the summertime. What an amazing event…….both me and the weather.

Yes, my birthday was earlier this month and though we don’t make a big thing about birthdays, (well, except for the sixteenth, fiftieth, and maybe the upcoming seventy-fifth in several years), I know that I am a year older and a penny wiser (I think). We were traveling back from southern Vermont and enjoyed our fellowship and my birthday at the same time. My cup overflows.

Dick recently had his yearly heart check-up and it is still pumping and doing well. I think the staff is amazed at his energy level and accomplishments and wonders how he does it. I admit that I sometimes wonder that too, and am blessed by his faithful and steadfast spirit. My cup continues to overflow.

and am blessed by his faithful and steadfast spirit.  My cup continues to overflow.

Last evening while outside rocking on the side porch, our friends Charlie and Sheree saw us sitting and stopped in for a porch visit. We haven’t been able to make connections for a quite while and so this was a very special time of catching up on life’s joys and trials. Another overflowing cup of water to a thirsty soul. It was such a wonderful visit.

We also had three delightful guests for three nights this past weekend who had come eight or more hours for a family funeral. Talk about blessings. We try to be a blessing to our guests and plan ahead for their needs while away from home but they kept outblessing us. How can that be? But they managed it and once again my cup overflows.

Like the rain that was just poured out of the darkened clouds, my week was blessing after blessing overflowing my cup of life. I thank and praise God for an abundant week. May your life be full of blessings that overflow and may you see and know the giver of those blessings. With much love, Sharon