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It’s Wednesday just over the hilltop and time to write to you. The sun keeps peeking in and out today but that is just fine as the temperature is more seasonal and the air easier to breathe.

The irises have started to bloom in various spots around the property as the lilacs are going by. I have very much enjoyed their fragrance with inside bouquets and working around the bushes. Lilac is my favorite fragrance though not my favorite flower.

Happy weeding

I asked Dick the other day if he had ever thought of a birdbath in the garden and he promptly said, “no.” The next day he returned from work with the bottom of a broken birdbath he had found on the side of the road. Two days later he found a lovely two dollar ceramic bowl that he is going to glue to the base. Voi-la! I have a birdbath for the garden for only two dollars. He also mixed me some manure water/tea in a five-gallon bucket which is very handy for fertilizing the plants. Yesterday morning while pulling weeds I discovered the ants have started their work on the peonies. Pulling weeds reminded me of the parable of the weeds and the tares. It really is easier to let the weeds grow with the tares until there is a clear distinction between them and the plant has roots deep enough to not be harmed by weeding. Right now I’m a “happy (though still learning) gardener.”

in the cool of the evenings, after the sun goes down, the porch is where it’s at!

In the cool of the evenings, after the sun goes down, the porch is where it’s at! It is our favorite place to sit and chat while listening to the tree frogs, the train whistle, and rustling of the nighttime breeze. During the day the neighbors lawn mowers are a welcome sound and the smell of fresh mown grass is another lovely fragrance.

Dick has installed doors, run the electrical for lights and outlets, and is putting up the last wall. The shed is looking amazing. Last week the West Potsdam Retired Ladies met for an ice cream social to welcome Agnes back from Florida. It was such sweet fellowship and many wonderful gardening hints were shared.

Friday evening Dick and I went to Hometown Cafe with our friends, Dave and Judi. We hadn’t taken time to sit and talk without interruptions or other engagements for a while so this was necessary. Well, maybe not necessary, but definitely needed.

Proud moments

A couple of Friday’s ago, our local grandchildren took part in their end of the school year CFA Academy program. To say they did a great job would be an understatement. It was a fabulous job. The music and dance routines were top in the line and we almost busted our buttons with pride and appreciation. Well done Matthew, Elizabeth, Jessika, Danielle, and all your classmates.

“Heidi girl” (as she calls herself), has been calling me regularly just to talk and tell me something. What a high point in my day. She told me they have a new swing set, a sandbox, that they walked to the store for flowers and tomatoes to plant, and that she was having a birthday and turning two. Each item listed was a separate phone call so I have been blessed in the past couple of weeks.

Family picnic

Over Memorial weekend, we decided to have a family picnic at Kate’s and Chad’s house on Saturday which was one of the hottest days, both for traveling and for being outside. But we didn’t mind because watching six of our grandchildren and two of our great grandchildren play in the kiddie pool, run under the sprinkler, squirt each other and the adults with their water guns, and play quietly in the shaded sandbox was worth the heated trip. And spending time with three of our children and their spouses was a bonus!

Saturday was one of the hottest days, both for traveling and for being outside

As we move into our summer projects and our guest reservations, we have contracted out one big project to Joyful Noise Construction. David and his crew are scraping and painting the Schoolhouse in West Potsdam. It will be the same color as before but done on all sides. That means, even the back will get painted. Thank you David and if you get over that way take notice. He does excellent work.


The last thing to mention this week as about THE UNKNOWNS. Ethan’s documentary is finally in many theaters across the country and the responses and feedback have been very encouraging. More and more theaters are being reserved to show this film and are being hosted by former Sentinels or friends with a question and answer time following the movie. Anyone can host or attend by checking out THE UNKNOWNS at Gathr.com. You won’t be disappointed. Well, unless the minimum tickets aren’t pre-sold. This is the only way they can afford getting the film into theaters at this time. If anyone knows the owner or manager of J S Cinema, please contact me. When I call I just get the recorded movies now playing and we want to get Ethan’s film here to Potsdam or Canton if we can.

Enjoy these gorgeous days and cool nights as we head into “those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.” love, Sharon