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Hello to my family and friends from just over the hilltop in Norwood where the February sun is brightening my day. Last night as the temperature dropped drastically I can tell by the sounds the wrap-around porch makes when it dips even lower. There is cracking, snapping, and popping of the boards outside as the cold settles onto the porch. It makes me think of Rice Krispy cereal! Snap, crackle, pop.

This morning we had one degree and now it is back up in the twenties. And no, I am not sick of winter. I try to enjoy each season, each month, and each day as it comes and I don’t want to rush into the next. Sometimes I think many of us live only for the next holiday: Valentine’s, Birthdays, Memorial, Fourth of July, Labor, etc. There really are many days in between and many years ago, Dick and I decided to not be a part of that holiday rat race and made our own special days. They take up three hundred sixty-five individual days that we rejoice in and party if and when we want.

Speaking of parties we invited many over for a dessert party Friday evening. Fifteen people from church came, brought dessert, played a unique game of story telling, shared a favorite Bible verse and why, and then we ended with a hymn sing. That was a very special evening.


We had just returned from an unscheduled trip downstate to stay at Kate’s and Chad’s for a few days and attending the funeral of Chad’s dad, Bill. Though it was a sad occasion, the grandchildren were a joy and distraction as the time spent with them was so precious. Emma (6 months) decided to delight us and herself by moving like a mermaid and flopping herself backwards. She would smile, lift her head up high using her arms, then flap her legs and little behind like a fish while pushing herself backwards at the same time. Then she would laugh and laugh and off she’d go starting all over again. She crossed the living room in good time and with great flare. What a hoot! (The photo for the journal this week is Emma adoring her big brother, Sam!)

Emma decided to delight us and herself by moving like a mermaid

Sam, who just turned three, spent much time with Papa reading, building log cabins, laying out a train track, and wanting to be outside with him watching him clear off the van so we could come home after the big storm. I thought it sweet that all Sam wanted was to be near Dick, his papa. Even when eating a meal, Papa was to sit by him. Oh, how I wish they didn’t grow up and could stay with that innocent longing of nearness forever. I think that is how God sees us sometimes. He just wants us to hang around Him and watch what he is doing and listen to what He wants to tell us. May I be like a child staying close to God having my ears and eyes more in tune and watching what He is up to.

We played Gestures with Cheyenne (now sixteen) and discovered she has a flare for acting just like Kate. The two of them were hilarious to watch and play with. We’re glad we were able to go down and help a little and spend time with them. I know the void and sorrow will eventually lead to healing and I pray that as they go through this time, they remember the wonderful years they had with Bill.

Keeping busy

I filled in for our pastor’s wife and gave the children’s story at church Sunday. The children remembered many of the signs from the September Sunday School class and I added a couple of new ones with a song that went along with the story. It was such a pleasure and great fun to be able to teach them. I do love telling a story!

This weekend Dick and I took our “couch” trip and traveled to Israel. What a rich, beautiful land with so much history. The architecture is magnificent, the seas gorgeous, and the markets bountiful. I do enjoy traveling by not traveling.

the architecture is magnificent, the seas gorgeous, and the markets bountiful

I have been pouring over catalog after catalog looking and making lists of books and gifts for the new bookstore. My eyes were getting tired so I took a break to write you and think about this past week. Dick is painting the shelves and should begin putting some of them together later this week. I’m hoping to get pictures of the bookstore in progress and will keep those of you interested posted. This is another addition to the winter of our lives and we are looking forward to getting open soon. We are not letting any grass grow under our feet! And hopefully, I’m not wearing out my welcome in your homes by way of this journal.

The Bookstore will have a blog/journal, too, called “Just Around the Corner.” I will invite you to come along when it is all is set up and ready to go. Until then, may you have a blessed week and may the sun continue to shine on your days. Love, Sharon