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I don’t want to waste a day of this glorious Autumn season. It is perfect for Sunday afternoon drives, raking and piling up of the colorful leaves, hiking in the woods or on trails, or sitting around an evening campfire under the moonlit sky. I sure do love this month of October, but then again, I think I’ve said that before.

Did you notice that it warmed up over the full moon? An Amish friend had mentioned that when it warms over the full moon the following month will be warmer than usual. Well, we’ll see if that happens and if today is a representative factor, it was 78 degrees when I went outside after lunch. The wind and rain are beginning to tear the leaves from the limbs so more and more are covering the driveway. The Norway Maple hasn’t turned yet and the hilltop maple is turning slowly so we have still have color around us. Driving up North Main Street here in Norwood is breathtakingly awesome as we see God’s beauty on display.

breathtakingly awesome as we see God’s beauty on display

Due to the overwhelming gathering of the box elder bugs hovering and using our kitchen door in the heat of the day, we are avoiding them by using the front door. Dick is using the shop vac on some of them, I have been misting them with water (google says they don’t like water), and those that do get inside: are squashed.

Last week we took a drive to Maplewood in Canton to visit a dear friend, Lucille, who had fallen breaking her wrist and hip and is now in rehab. Dick offered to put a ramp in her house where there is a step-up plus install hand grips to help where needed. Why does frailty accompany this stage of our lives?

Activities with friends

Thursday my friend Judi and I went to the Hometown Diner for a much overdue luncheon date. It is always good to sit, eat, and visit! That evening I attended a memoir writing workshop at the library here in the village and acquired more useful tips on the why and how of writing your life’s memories. It was very interesting and I met more neighbors.

Friday Sharon and I practiced for our special duet during the offering at church. This was the first time ever that I played something different than the organ did and discovered how lovely it could be, (according to those listening). We played “Oh, Master Let Me Walk With Thee” and though I made a few mistakes I was able to stay in time with Sharon and overall I think it went well.

Dick is still at the job in Potsdam, made his weekly trip to the Potsdam library sale on Saturday, and has fixed the piano bench from church (it sat very high). We missed the movie and pot luck Saturday evening at church, but did get there for the sing along and entertainment. Next month I’m pulling together a hymn sing to follow the movie and pot luck supper. I’m very excited about that!

I realize that all parts of the piece were needed to compose such a beautiful song

Sometimes I feel as though I’ve lost the ability to write an interesting or thoughtful journal. At those times I try to remind myself that there are ups and downs in writings as well as in life. Sort of like our lives being a piece of music. The song or life may start out slow and easy going, then enter a phase or tempo of rushing about with loud voices yelling for us or distractions trying to keep us unfocused or afraid. We reach a plateau where we glide along often on autopilot and then we may come to a complete stop, known as a rest. The music begins again and as it returns to its original pattern of calm and steady, I realize that all parts of the piece were needed to compose such a beautiful song. May my rests and crescendos become a lovely addition to my life’s story even via this weekly journal.

And may the song of your life become blessed and beautiful when it is all put together in one piece of music. Love, Sharon