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Look for the gold, not the dirt” is a quote I read recently which was referring to people. Why is it easier to look at other’s mistakes or wrong choices rather than their accomplishments and successes? That doesn’t mean the failures aren’t open for all to see, but they don’t define who they or we are as we continue to reach for perfection and accomplishments in our life.

I thought of that quote today because Dick is raking away the heavy, wet leaves of last fall and finding fresh sprouts of plants pushing up through the soil to bring great joy in many flowers this summer. I am not looking at the leaves nor the dirt but am rejoicing in the new shoots reaching for the sky. They don’t plan to fail!

Yes, spring is in the air and coming out of the ground. The maples have not budded as of yesterday, so hopefully those sugaring will be able to make even more syrup. I’m excited because Eric and his family just visited Uncle Steve’s farm in Vermont and brought me back some fresh and delicious fancy maple syrup. Maybe we’ll have pancakes for Easter this year.

Grandchildren and music

I want to share some of the delights of the young grandchildren while we were at Kate’s and Chad’s last weekend. Papa (Dick) had taken two blueberries, placed them strategically on a fork, added a green grape, then made the fruit and fork pretend to be Mickey Mouse while it “talked and danced” for Sam, who turned two in January. He wasn’t sure about this at first but at breakfast the next morning he tried to pierce a grape with his fork. Kate said he had never tried sticking a grape before and that’s when we realized he was trying to copy Papa from the night before. Children are amazing.

made the fruit and fork pretend to be Mickey Mouse while it “talked and danced” for Sam

Another delight was when Heidi was given a swing ride so high her feet were touching the kitchen ceiling. Her laughter was so contagious that many were laughing with her as she called for more and more pushes. Her cousin, Sam, has a swing hung in the middle of the kitchen and what a treat it was. In the meantime, Cheyenne had taken Garrett out for a bike ride on a trailer pulled behind her bike. He was so excited and loves Cheyenne pulling him around the farm. It was fun watching the little ones play for they are growing a tad too fast.

My sister Peggy called the other evening to play Grandpa Bills singing some of his nonsensical songs! She had recorded conversations of him during his later years and often he would break into song. Knowing I was trying to put his childhood song, written to his mom, to music, she wondered if he might have sung it to her in one of those tapes. Well, she hadn’t found that particular song but those she shared were good and just to hear his voice and laughter was a blessing. He died at age 98 fourteen years ago and I should have my version of his song done by my 98th birthday. I have a few years to go.

Cruising dates

Sunday after church Dick and I decided to take a drive to nowhere in particular though we choose to head east. We made a loop going to Malone and enjoyed the change of scenery and very much enjoyed each other’s company. On the way home I occasionally smelled something burning, but then it would disappear. About twelve miles from Potsdam the smell returned and this time I pulled over. The front right tire was spewing a little heat and smoke. Dick said to drive her home carefully and I figured it was the brake so regulated my speed with the gas pedal and engine until it was necessary to stop completely. There was no more smell the rest of the way home and yesterday Bob’s Auto replace the frozen caliper. He also discovered that both front tires were dangerously ready to blow due to the inside exposed frayed wires. I now have new front tires and a working caliper. Many times I have found that a small repair or incident happens in order to reveal a more dangerous need whether in a vehicle or in my life. I am forever thankful for a God who warns us through various means of danger ahead.

Look for the gold – not the dirt.”  The nuggets are there.  Let’s find them together.

One last thing. Work is going on at the neighbors as they renovate, repair, and improve the old house for life once again. The roof is this week’s project and I’m always amazed by the diligence, progress, and working together the crew demonstrates. It is wonderful to watch the property being restored.

Have a blessed Easter or Passover from just over hilltop in Norwood.  May we continue to “look for the gold – not the dirt” in your life and mine. The nuggets are there. Let’s find them together. Love, Sharon