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Dick stood by his “Nellie Belle” and said to me last Thursday morning “This is the end of a beautiful friendship.” He was quoting Pat Brady in a Roy Rogers show concerning his jeep, Nellie Belle. The day before he found that his own van would not only pass inspection but it wasn’t even worth putting money into it to keep it road worthy.

By the time I got home from the bookstore he had unloaded all his tools, taken out his shelving units, removed the homemade racks on top, and had it parked stately in the driveway. It looks very naked and forlorn for a working van that gave Dick almost ten years of its life. They had a good relationship and it served him well. Now we’ll keep our eyes out for another van or maybe change things up a little. In the meantime we are sharing my van and as usual we are doe-si-doeing our schedules and doing just fine. God has a way of making all things work together.

this is the end of a beautiful friendship

Today is July 37 also known as August 6 here just over the hilltop. I guess I’ll need to change the calendar soon because the other day I messed up on a possible bed and breakfast guest, having looked at July instead of August. But when I realized what I had done I found I still couldn’t have accommodated them because we didn’t have anything available for that August date either. I will face the fact that once again we’ve come to the slippery slide side of a year and the rest is downhill from here on in. Happy sliding to the bottom of 2019!

Many years ago I discovered the enchanting fragrance of oriental lilies and they are in full bloom under my kitchen window. So whether I’m in the kitchen, out on the porch with a slight breeze, or walking by them along the driveway, their fragrance gives me a pleasant smile. I am soaking in their scent and thinking if I could just bottle it up, I would for a later time. But then again, everything in its season is pleasant and enjoyable while here so I will bask in the lilies now.


Dick has been working on the electrical at the church and installed lighting in the front windows. He left the lights on the other night just until dark so he could go back to see how they looked. He says wonderful and the Bastille blue (which is the name of the color on the inner walls) is stunning. I can’t wait to check them another time. He has shut the lights off for now and is finishing with more outlets. Everything is falling in place and we are excited about little things that get completed as we move toward opening Grace Bible Fellowship.

almost like being back back at the diner

Our yearly guest at Rose of Sharon is here now and we so enjoy her staying with us. Each year I have invited her brothers to come and have breakfast with her while she is in the area and they came yesterday morning. It’s almost like being back at the diner though I serve them all the same menu. No individual choices except for a gluten-free and a vegetarian. Just left off the meat for one and the french toast for another was with gluten-free bread. It is a pleasure and joy to have the siblings share a special breakfast together here at our bed and breakfast.

I have been thinking about…….. muffins. I’m not sure when this started but for some reason when I am sad and grieving for someone else, I need to bake muffins. Somehow it helps to process the grief while at the same time I pray specifically for those who will receive the muffins that God will help them through their sorrow and carry them in the days ahead. This last week I baked raisin bran and blueberry-raspberry that found their way to Kentucky for a funeral that many of my children were going to. As I was praying, I found my tears had stopped falling and that my heart was now engaged in thanking God for children who give above and beyond to those around them in time of need. May God bless them with more than muffins.

Whatever is in your hand or heart or oven, may it bless someone around you. Love, Sharon