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“It’s such a pretty world today,” with the snow flurries drifting in the air, the wind occasionally swirling them about, and the drab ground brightened with the beauty of white. Yes, white beauty! It seems as though all the snow disappears after each storm this winter season and the joy of huge banks for climbing on, sliding down, or creating forts that excites the young is not available. Maybe that will change come February.

This year’s January sabbatical has been very good for me and I’m just beginning to feel the need to get back into several activities. As is my custom, I take a break during this month from most meetings, gatherings, and just concentrate on renewing my body, soul, and spirit in preparation for whatever the next eleven months may hold. It has been a lovely month and if I could, I’d write a song about the restoring month of January. Maybe no one else would enjoy it, but I would.

Stuff happens

Last week Dick rode with Eric to Syracuse to bring back Eric’s new truck and trailer but paperwork held it up and they couldn’t bring it home. Eric found he needed to go to Albany first and then back to Syracuse for the truck. Oh, well. Stuff happens but Dick was grateful for the time with Eric. He also worked on a small project in the church meeting hall, but is still out of work for himself. We certainly covet your prayers for Dick as he has been out of work since the beginning of November. He tells me he isn’t quite ready to retire completely, so is looking for renovation jobs that do not involve roofs or bull work anymore. Painting and other types of renovations are his expertise.

Dick was in the men’s choir Sunday singing, “The Old Rugged Cross.” They were fabulously rich in the blending of their voices and I was privileged to play for them. It would be wonderful to have them sing more often.

Eat and talk

Friday night we had our first get-together in several weeks when we decided to celebrate and host an inauguration party with several of our friends. It was a great evening as we finished watching the parade, visited, shared future hopes and dreams, and ended our evening by praying for President Trump and this new administration. We are excited about the future greatness of this nation. As the old 4-H motto said, “To Make Our Best Better.

Kitchen Table Talk: It was important to my Dad that we eat together at the table. There were no TV trays or eating separately in our home, unless you came in late from a school function. I grew up saying a simple grace together with the rest of the family, after which we discussed events and actions of the day. I remember Dad telling us that most decisions and disagreements are settled at the kitchen table. How true that has played out in my life.

telling us that most decisions and disagreements are settled at the kitchen table

An exception to eating at the table was on Sunday night when after our baths we would gather with either popcorn or a dish of cereal to watch Walt Disney’s “Wonderful World of Color” (on our black and white television)! Last week I wrote about walking and talking with one another in order to get to know one another. Now I add eating and talking as a means to discuss events, increase wisdom, and settle differences. How wise my father was and how great a cook my mother was. They kept us at the kitchen table: to eat and to talk!

Enjoy your week and may we eat, talk, and always try “to make our best better.” Love, Sharon