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Here we are – 2016 – and our dreams and goals for a happy year lay before us. What would we like to accomplish? Where do we want to go? Who do we want to see? And how will we do it all? Though the song says “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” and is usually applied to Christmas, I sing it right through the month of January. Yes, that is true for I love January.

For me, January is to the year what Sunday is to the week. A time to stop the daily routine, rest, and fill up for the year ahead. That is how I treat my Januarys. And they have become an embracing, almost yearned for, time of the year especially as the previous year winds down. I purpose to clear my calendar, settle in to read Gladys Tabor, work on family ancestry again, clean and file last years accumulated papers, and sometimes watch a movie marathon of a chosen favorite actor or actress. Though I love gathering people together, I also love being with myself and Dick. As we open the bed and breakfast later this month, I will cherish this month of stopping and refilling so I can make it successfully through the coming year.

I cherish this month of stopping and refilling so I can make it successfully through the coming year

Before that can actually begin, much happened last week and more to come this week. On New Year’s Eve day one of my former staff girls (well, now a young lady), came over for lunch before heading back to college. As usual it was a very special time with Susan and thank you, Susan, for taking time to come to the hilltop, especially since you had to walk in because your car didn’t like our driveway. It isn’t so slushy now that the cold has come. Later that evening Eric, Andrea, and the grandchildren came over for a very nutritious party of pizza, popcorn, potato chips, soda, and ice cream. Papa and the children watched “Horton hears a Who” and what a special time they had. It is such a joy to have some of the family nearby.

Family activities

Friday I baked preparing for our travel to Ilion to Karen’s and Jami’s for our family Christmas on Saturday. Another occasion to eat, play Yankee Swap, and just enjoy time together. On Sunday several attended the pre-screening of “THE UNKNOWNS” at SUNY Cobleskill with Ethan, who produced this documentary with his friend Neil. I stayed behind to watch Garrett and Heidi, who were exhausted from the activities of the weekend, and if truth be told, I, too, was getting exhausted. Ethan’s sister Kate and husband Chad had arranged and scheduled this showing where many from the Honor-Flight Organization came. I am looking forward to seeing it tonight here in Madrid.

Keep on keeping on

I mentioned last week about Garrett’s keep on walking story. His Mom and Dad are starting to teach him some of the simple Bible stories similar to what generations have grown up with. David killing the bear, Peter not be able to catch fish, and the Christmas story. Bringing it to his level, after a few times of her telling it, he becomes one of the characters and plays that part in turn. After hearing about a man named Joseph and a woman named Mary, who had a baby in her tummy, and how they had to walk a long, long way to Bethlehem, he became the innkeepers who had no room. Originally, Karen had the third innkeeper send them to the barn. But, when Garrett is in charge he keeps saying “no room.” When Joseph asks what they should do, Garrett says, “you could keep walking.” Well, this went on about seven or eight innkeepers and even when Joseph asks if there might be a barn, Garrett says with a smile, “you can keep walking.” We chuckle at his delight in having control over the story and keeping them walking but I wonder if he figured out if he lets them go to the stable, the story is over. Mary then has her baby. They call him Jesus. And that’s the end. Maybe this three-year-old delays the ending so he can be in control so the story keeps going. Poor Joseph and Mary have to just keep walking.

sometimes our life’s situations don’t seem to have an end

I write this thinking that sometimes our life’s situations don’t seem to have an end. We keep walking, and walking, and walking but nothing seems to change. The good news is one day the change occurs. It could be a new business, a new marriage, a new job, or even a new baby. And we know that a new baby changes everything. Yet, “Fear not,” said the Angel of the Lord, “for behold I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. Unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Savior which is Christ the Lord.”

So, whatever situations are going on in yours or my life, “fear not,” for all will be well one day. I wish you the very best in this New Year with your dreams and goals fulfilled. Just “keep walking!” Love, Sharon