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I did it already! I traded a Tuesday for Wednesday and am spending today with myself and you. Dick is working at the bookstore repairing burst water pipes and finishing the installation of the second set of track lighting. The bookstore is bright with light and tomorrow I’ll go over and work on more inventory and cleaning up our combined messes of work in progress. As much as I enjoy working with Dick, I also like working by myself and I think he does, too.

We both spent the day at the store yesterday and that’s why I traded days. So, hello from “just over the hilltop” where the wind is blowing fiercely and though the temperature is in the mid thirties now we’ll see a drastic drop tonight. The sun is bright and that seems to make the day feel warmer. Last Friday evening, when it was 6 below zero, we got a message that the heat was off in the shed that houses our water system and the water was frozen at the bookstore. Dick redressed (it was 10:30 p.m.) and headed over. Fortunately we were not out of propane and he was able to restart the heater. But because of the temperature, it had burst our pipes in the shed. Dick shut off our water, and gratefully our neighbor’s water came back about twenty minutes after the shed warmed up to temperature. So thankful for heat.

the apples sparkle on the sign and the tree looks inviting

Yesterday we both worked at the bookstore and Dick hung the new sign out on the east end of the building. The apples sparkle on the sign and the tree looks inviting. We invite you to stop by and see us sometime as we plan to re-open two weeks from tomorrow.


I’ve been thinking……….why do some think that rules or laws do not apply to them? Recently we were on our way to the bookstore to work and when we crested a hill on country route 35 there was a vehicle coming toward us in our lane. They were about a third of a mile away and my first thought was they were passing someone as they had just rounded a bend and were coming down the hill ahead. But there was no other car. Possible scenarios began to rapidly spin their way into my thoughts. First, if we are playing chicken I didn’t enter this game on my own accord. Two, do I cross over into their lane? NO! If they decided to get in their lane, I would be in the wrong. Three, I started to look for a driveway or wide area to put my van off the road and in the meantime began praying they would wake up or stop playing this game. I was beginning to be scared. I kept slowing my speed and desperately scanning for an out. The two vehicles got closer and closer and it appeared they weren’t going to move over. I kept my cool and focused on maybe I’d put on my left directional and quickly zoom into the coming driveway on the other side of the road. But then the car turned into a driveway on my side of the road. Now I know that the shortest distance between to dots is a straight line, but driving on my side of the road may have shortened someone’s life instead of the driving distance. And so I once again ask – why do some think rules or laws do not apply to them?

Family fun

Our weekly guest is back staying at Rose of Sharon and reservations are being made for this coming year. I love this part as people begin to plan their year’s events and places to stay when traveling or visiting children at college.

Sunday afternoon we visited at Eric’s and Andrea’s and watched the movie, “Christopher Robin.” It was wonderfully done. “I laughed. I cried. It moved me.” (from Veggie tales) And I loved it. I do wonder if young children would understand or feel the nostalgia of the film if they hadn’t grown up with Pooh and Christopher? It was a marvelous afternoon with the children and grandchildren.

I will be taking the Christmas cards down today so Dick and I can pray for all who sent greetings and wishes to us during the holiday season. We are truly blessed with such a large basket full of family, friends, and neighbors, near or far. May God bless us one and all.

Happy Birthday wishes are sent to all with January birthdays, especially in our family: Mary, Barb, Bill, Ted, Don, Sam, Cece, and Maygan. May you have the most blest year ever! Love, Sharon