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I love January and I love Mondays. Love can be an overused or misused word but I will use it for I do love and even delight in both, January and Mondays. And now my sabbatical is over for this year, though truth be told, I take mini vacations on a regular basis. Just as a side note, I don’t avoid people, places, or things, though I do refrain from scheduling meetings or appointments during this month. I just create an atmosphere of rest and renewal where God can lead and direct me into the busy year that’s about to embark. So much to do and so looking forward to energy, strength, and joy to accomplish it.

Though I haven’t seen them, the deer have been making their trek between our house and the new neighbors. In their quest to cross the road, I’ve noticed their tracks are in a straight line. They do not wander to the left or to the right. It made me think about the footprints I am leaving in the journey of my life. The deer are intent on getting to the other side of the road and rarely stop and change course. So I ask myself, do I get easily distracted, lose focus, or stumble about in the conditions around me? I’d like to think that I know the continuing path before me, but must confess that occasionally I do stumble and question my route. But, the best part is I can always get back on track and it’s as if I’d never gone astray. Isn’t God good? To be able to set our course and keep us moving forward no matter what comes. May I be like the deer that are concentrating on getting to the other side, safe and sound.

Wednesday choir practice and Bible study were excellent last week. And the choir did a marvelous job with “A New Name Written Down in Glory.” That is an old fashioned gospel tent song and I am so grateful for the choir liking to sing both old and new songs.

Work and travel

Dick and I went over to the schoolhouse on Friday to discuss and visually design and lay out the floor plan for the Christian Bookstore. He measured for the bookshelves along the outside walls, I measured for curtains and twinkle lights, and we both talked about how to set up the center for displays and for classes and workshops. We decided on light blue for walls and white for the shelves. After the first shelves are built, Dick plans to design and build a center display on wheels so we can move it if needed. I am going through catalogs and choosing inventory with Dick’s suggestions and help. Here’s that word again…..I love working with him!

Here’s that word again…..I love working with him!

That evening our church began a twenty-four hour prayer vigil where those interested sign up for time slots and go into church to pray throughout the duration. Dick went in for the 3 am time and was blessed with the others praying before and after. It’s nice that people overlap for a while. Oftentimes, the change is to oneself during these prayer times with spiritual growth, insights, and conviction in one’s life. Prayer changes things and what a special time for him. I didn’t sign up this time but prayed during the same hour at home while Dick was at church.

England was a wonderful trip Saturday evening and I’m grateful for programs that can take us there. Out of the three places we’ve visited so far, Scotland is where I’d like to travel if I traveled. We are enjoying our “couch” trips.

Sunday was a special day with Eric, Andrea, and the grandchildren coming for lunch and spending the afternoon. We ended up watching an old show that Eric remembered called “The Liberators.” It is based on the true accounts of Levi Coffin’s diaries about the Underground Railroad. Walt Disney did an excellent job of portraying the horror of that time period along with the innovative humor and devious ways of transporting the slaves to freedom. Not all wanted to be free but those that did left for the adventure with John and Billy as they led this train to freedom for over twelve years. It is a wonderful film to discuss and reflect upon. Years ago my friend, Roberta, took Mr. Coffin’s dairies out from her local library and discovered that the film was true to the journal except for an added romance story.

Moving forward

We now have our official permit and dba (Tree of Life Christian Bookstore) and are just waiting for the sales tax number. So yes, we are definitely getting excited. We picked up the permit yesterday and then stopped by with some supplies for working over at the schoolhouse. Dick will get the lumber later this week after he finishes his customer’s job. Last evening we attended the village’s Republican Caucus for voting for two candidates to run for trustees this year. This was our first caucus event and we not only learned a little of politics but met several wonderful people, some of whom we’ve met before.

“Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their country” was a line we practiced in typing class back in high school. Guess I’ve been thinking it might be time to get to know more about our local village practices and policies. In the meantime, I’m off to a good start for whatever February holds. I do hope your January was the best for you and that the days ahead are full of winter fun and hard work. Yes, work hard then play hard. Love, Sharon