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The March winds are blustery and cold. The dirty snowbanks can be depressing and the gray skies remind me of November but my heart is happy and content because out of it are the issues of life. And today the issues of life are a happy heart, a life of content, and bright days coming soon. Spring will come just like it always does and with it the glorious colors that brighten our days. Hang on.

Last week I wasn’t able to get to the West Potsdam Ladies Luncheon because I was still coughing quite a bit but I did make Judi her birthday cake and had it sent over. I missed out on her great cooking but didn’t want to disrupt the party. See everyone in April.

Writers’ group met Thursday evening and I have an ambitious goal for the next three months: put together ten stories, character traits, scriptures, and songs for Sunday School teachers to use as inspiration in preparing their own lesson and to begin compiling old reminiscences of my childhood in a memoir book. I want to show that ordinary people can have great stories and lessons from their childhood that shaped and formed the person they became. I would appreciate any prayer on following through with these goals.

a blessing to hear and be a part of singing those old hymns with people you love

The once a month Old-Time Gospel Sing-Along at the bookstore was Friday evening and the blended voices of our friends and neighbors was glorious. What a blessing to hear and be a part of singing those old hymns with people you love. And the new keyboard did a fine job though I am hoping to expand my knowledge of playing it. There are too many buttons and options, but I’ll experiment with one at a time.

Dick, in his “lawn ranger persona,” helped our neighbor by ridding her of a red squirrel in her basement and he helped me by capturing a shrew that somehow got into our home. The shrew was traveling very slowly across the living room and dining room, probably quite hungry, and definitely disoriented. I do love that man of mine!

We are both feeling much better though a lingering, almost irritating cough continues. We are sleeping better, except for the time-change, and getting more energy day by day. Even went for groceries yesterday though that was the longest outing in a couple of weeks which was lovely yet exhausting.

There must be a reasonable explanation for changing the clocks but it certainly evades me. I prefer daylight in the mornings and going down with the chickens at night. Oh, well. If you can’t “fight city hall” as they say, you change the clock and try to move into the new pattern as best you can. I know my body will eventually acclimate itself to the new norm.

I prefer daylight in the mornings and going down with the chickens at night

Our youngest son, Ethan, had his birthday yesterday but I didn’t have an angel food cake on hand or I would have made his favorite dessert. I like it drizzled with hot fudge and plenty of fresh strawberries and to be honest, I forgot what he likes on his. I think it was chocolate syrup. I did hear he received a new Lego set from his wife and spent his birthday building Lego’s. I love that he still enjoys his favorite past-time.

Enjoy your week and look for the anticipated spring. It is coming next week. Love, Sharon