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Hello from just over the hilltop in Norwood where the sun is bright but the air is cool. This is a quick change as it has been quite hot and humid during the start of September. Isn’t it interesting that Mr. Whitney’s “prediction” of these last three months were quite accurate and we’ve had some record breaking temperatures here in the North Country. The wind direction indicated a warmer than usual period of time and next week we’ll check on our fall weather pattern.

Dick tells me we had a thunderstorm the other morning, but I slept through it and never heard a thing! That was fine with me. We have also received some much needed and appreciated rain as we come into my favorite time of the year.  Many brown and shriveled leaves have begun to fall: I think the result of our dry spring and summer. Other leaves are turning yellow and though it seems early we’ll wait and see if the colors are as brilliant as last year.

Making memories

Once again the calendar has been full of activities and I’m late in writing. I even owe my snail mail friend a letter. Writers’ Group has started and it is great to be “back in the pen” mode. I enjoy our group of eclectic writers. Friday the dessert provided to the Methodist Church group went wonderfully and very smoothly. We had about twenty-three excited and enthusiastic people come through both to have dessert and to see our home and bed and breakfast. Sort of an informal open house! We were surprised and pleased to see so many former customers and this special evening was topped off when their piano player sat to play hymns as many that could gathered around to sing. I was sure the angels joined them!

I was sure the angels joined them!

Saturday evening we had supper at Eric’s and Andrea’s with friends, Joe and Susan. A great time of fellowship, prayer, and discussion. The grandchildren cleared the table and took care of getting the dishes cleaned while the “old folks” visited. Another treasured evening in my memory bank.

I played the piano at church along with Sharon on the keyboard. She was able to make it sound like a violin and the song was beautifully sung by the choir. This time I made fewer mistakes and felt more comfortable at the piano. On Tuesday I served as an electioneer for the local primary in Norfolk. This was a first one for me and I met and worked with such lovely people. Now I look forward to the general election in November which should be busier and even exciting.

New projects and plans

Then last night we hosted the quarterly meeting for the St. Lawrence Bed and Breakfast Association and were accepted into the group. I had made them apple pies which tipped the scales in our favor! Actually, they toured our B&B (another open house) and encouraged us to join. This is a good way to stay up on events, legislature, and support one another. Another lovely evening.

a good way to stay up on events, legislature, and support one another

I received my home processor certificate the other day and will be setting up a table at the Norwood Autumn Festival to sell baked goods on Saturday. I will share a space with Joan and her Blue Heron creations here in the park. I’m planning what goodies to make and trying to remember all I need to set up. It should be a fun day with apple pies, various cookies, come cupcakes, and some muffins.

Dick has been working in Potsdam building a new closet for his customer and has also painted the doors on his new addition. Maybe soon he might start on some of my list of projects and see what can get done before snow comes.

Pests of Autumn

I’ve been thinking ……. about “hornets, and spiders, and moths, oh my!” It is the time of the year where the little creatures move about and bring some bothersome surprises. Such as, the hornets decided to start entering the house through the top of one of our bedroom windows. They seemed to stay close to the window and haven’t ventured into the room, but I don’t want them there. Dick came to the rescue and now there are fewer to be seen. Then it seems I’ve needed to sweep the porch more often because of incoming moths (that die there) and more cobwebs in various places. Why would people put out fake cobwebs this time of the year when if you just wait the spiders will present you with plenty of décor for your front door or porch? Well, I’m glad that seasons come and go and so won’t the “hornets, spiders, and moths.”

I hope you are enjoying this gorgeous weather as well as the outstanding sunsets. Live each day to it fullest and don’t look back with regrets. Love, Sharon