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The first “hello” from returning geese honked to me the other morning as they headed north. I have seen geese in fields but this was the first ones to say “Hello, we’re coming back.” What a wonderful sound in the early morning hours when the noise of the day’s routine has not yet heightened. I love their cheery greeting and I say hello from just over the hilltop.

Did I tell you my van has not had heat for a couple of months and sometimes it was a little chilly, well, actually quite chilly if we needed to be out. Occasionally it would surprise us and give off a little warmth but then stop again. Thankfully, we were able to take it to the garage and now traveling is more comfortable.

Talking about comfortable, the day I worked the village election, the other lady was getting cold as the day wore on. We turned up the heat around 6 o’clock and I wrote in big letters on the top of my notepad, “Turn heat back down.” We completed the day, counted the ballets, signed and passed in all paperwork, and then I grabbed my notepad and books shoving them into my tote bag. All was good.

I made some lemon poppy seed muffins and took them with my apology

A couple of nights later, I woke up and remembered we never turned down the heat. I hate (strong language but I do hate) forgetting things, especially after I’ve written them down. So, I made some lemon poppy seed muffins and took them with my apology to the village office last week. They forgave me.

The bookstore had many friends stopping by again last week and many came just to visit. This is becoming a favorite because with the diner I couldn’t stop for very long to chat. But now I can. We will be celebrating our first anniversary April 11, 12, and 13. There will be a coupon in the North Country This Week for a 15% discount (need to bring it with you), door prizes, a gospel sing along Friday night, and my homemade cookies for treats. Pass the word and stop by.

Yesterday morning I was honored to be able to play hymns with Mary Lou at the Methodist Church here in the village for my friend, Laurinda, who was away. It has been almost three months since playing piano at church and my heart was thrilled. I’m so thankful she thought to ask me. In the afternoon we went to Eric’s for a visit and Andrea’s delicious crepes. What a wonderful Sunday treat. Oh, we also had a wonderful visit.

Old photos

My mom had sent back some old photos when they visited her last weekend. Eric and the family went to Vermont to help his Uncle Steve and cousin Jason in the sugar lot. While there, they visited with Gram, saw Eric’s older brother Eliot, and Andrea’s friend, Cindy. They had a fun-filled weekend with sledding, snowmobiling, sugar-on-snow, milking, and collecting sap. I always think of that song “Green Acres is the place to be…..” when remembering the hard work and great fun living on a farm.

made-up pictures can be delusional and certainly not accurate

But I was going to tell you of the pictures. This is the first time seeing a picture of my great-great grandmother, Anna Bills Torrey. She was a Mohawk Indian (which makes me 1/32 Mohawk) and I’d only heard a few stories of her. In the picture is my great grandpa Leon Bills as a young man. I see my mother’s chin and mouth on Anna, and my grandfather’s smile on Leon. Such a treasure to have a visual picture now of Grandma Torrey. I was sure she must have long braided hair but she doesn’t in this picture. Made-up pictures can be delusional and certainly not accurate. Nevertheless, I’m grateful to have a picture of her.

Well, I am writing a day early because if all goes well, my thirteen-year-old granddaughter, Elizabeth, is coming tomorrow to help me get started on some deep spring cleaning. We will begin in the bed and breakfast section upstairs this week and downstairs in two weeks. I am looking forward to spending the time with her even if working. Have a blessed week and I’ll return next Tuesday….”if the Lord wills and the creek don’t rise.” Love, Sharon