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Robert Frost wrote in his poem “Mending Wall” that “good fences make good neighbors.” I was reminded of this poem today while talking with my neighbor over the cedar post fence along our side garden. We chatted about the cool weather, the fragrant lilacs, and the glaring tin roof next door that was reflecting the sun in our eyes. Talking over a fence is so friendly and non-threatening, designates the actual border of each property, and yet we have an opening in the fence with a rock walkway so we can cross into one another’s yard if needed.  We have “good fences with great neighbors!”

Over the weekend Dick painted and set out four white picket fence sections along our driveway between the trees that help define the southern property line and welcome our guests as they come up the drive. We hope to get red geraniums to place along the fence line that should bring a smile to all who enter our “little mansion just over the hilltop.” I love the little touches of personalizing our new home and especially when we can re-use something we already own.

Porches and Guests

I had a chance to sit on the porch for a while last week to read from Gladys Taber’s “Stillmeadow Sampler.” In talking about her community she writes how they care and watch over one another and pretty much everyone knows what goes on about town. To quote, “It is not that we pry, in our valley, we just share, and that is a fine way to live.” I thought about the difference in sharing news and gossiping. I believe one wishes to help a friend or neighbor and rejoice in their news while the other wants to bring someone down through disgrace, anger, or jealousy. I ask myself: which am I? My desire is to lift up and help others.

It is not that we pry, in our valley, we just share, and that is a fine way to live

The back field along the valley has been plowed, harrowed, and planted. Last week the strong winds gave the dust and dirt in the air an eerie haze over the hilltop and that dust settled in on the porch. All the furniture as well as the banisters, floor, etc. needed to be cleaned and wiped down again and again before using them, especially before our guests arrived for the weekend.

We hosted the two sets of grandparents of their granddaughter who graduated from SUNY Potsdam. It was a pleasure to have them plus we were able to meet the granddaughter and her parents as they came to visit and relax in between events and activities. I’m so grateful to meet new people and having the world come to Rose of Sharon.

Money and Fun

Dick lost thirty dollars last week, which was disappointing for him and sad because he was sure of where he had left it and most people leave any found money with a cashier or librarian, so the owner can return and claim it. Especially if it is a sizable amount.  But that didn’t happen this time and it appears that someone may have had the thought of “finders keepers, losers weepers.” We didn’t cry but I did ask God that if the finders really needed that money, let us be glad we could help them in a rough spot in their life. It still is disappointing but stuff happens and life goes on.

we ended the evening of fun with ice cream instead of popcorn

Last night we went to stay with the grandchildren again and Dick continued the reading of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” It is such a fun book! We also met their new quarter horse named Ben, had a time of show and tell, and Dick guided them in the handling of a nerf gun by teaching them that even a play gun is to be treated like a real gun. Such as never aim at a person, don’t run in front of a gun, and shoot at a particular target not just randomly in the air. Next time I am going to bring some guidelines and instructions for giving a demonstration and/or a presentation at a future date. This will be a small project for Matthew, Elizabeth, and Jessika. Then we ended the evening of fun with ice cream instead of popcorn!

One of the most special days for me is a day date with Dick. Last Wednesday we spent the day running errands, such as banking, getting paint for the picket fence, dropping off the lawn mower for repair, getting groceries, and the high point of the day: lunch at the Asian Buffet in Canton. Definitely a day well spent.

Well, I need to get back to cleaning the downstairs closet so I wish you a fun-filled week, great neighbors, and a safe Memorial Day weekend. Love, Sharon