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Hello from the forgotten North Country hilltop in Norwood. Can you believe that after telling you the last journal was the 100th conversation with you since Pete set up my new website and blog, I haven’t written you for five weeks? My only excuse is “It’s a Wonderful Life” and a very busy one.

I can’t begin to tell all in one sitting but I will try to give an overview, mostly for my own record. The days have gone too quickly with much activity, which seems to happen this time of the year. And that is when I begin to look forward to January, one of my favorite months. But just because I look forward to stopping and resting in January, doesn’t mean I’m letting the joy of this season pass me by.

Hay Rides

And it isn’t. Our 34th anniversary was the beginning of December and we celebrated by attending the annual Norwood Village Parade of Lights, the bonfire in the park, and took a horse-drawn wagon ride under the waxing full moon. That was a very special time for our first non-official date had been on a group hay ride where we were introduced and the rest is history. Then Sunday after church we went to lunch at the Lobster House (it is cheaper at lunchtime) and enjoyed a quiet time of reflecting on our past and where we want to go in the future.

That brings me to the decision about the schoolhouse in West Potsdam. We have decided to open a Christian Bookstore and Gift Shop with a corner convenience. Our goal is to open by March just three days a week to start. Remember I’d rather add and grow the hours and days rather than take away. We are both excited about the future of the schoolhouse and helping the area church congregations find that perfect gift or book to help in their spiritual growth.

Fun Activities

Dick walked in the Hobble Gobble in November, which raises money for local charities, and has been busy with projects in Potsdam and Canton. After those are completely done, he will start at the schoolhouse with shelving and displays. A high point for Dick was attending a game supper at Camp Mandaville with our son Eric and the grandsons. He had never been to a game supper before and enjoyed the meal and the time with Eric.

a husband that loves to play trains on the floor and read books to little ones.  We are a duo!

I have been hosting and hosting and hosting. Two ladies luncheons, a Church ladies Christmas exchange and dessert, a ladies Christmas breakfast, our writers’ group Christmas exchange and party, and took two young ladies to lunch (more coupons used from the Women’s Class). One of the luncheons was for the coupons from the Women’s Class plus we watched four young children for one of the moms from the class last Sunday. We had a wonderful time, having a picnic on the living room floor, looking for nests in the trees out on the hilltop, reading books, and watching “Wind in the Willows.” The two-year-old twins were not too exhausting and it was hopefully relaxing for the parents to have time out alone. I just have two more coupons for moms to be used after the holidays. Giving of oneself and time can be more tiring than a gift but certainly more rewarding. How blessed to have a husband that loves to play trains on the floor and read books to little ones. We are a duo!

Family visits

We had unplanned visits from Kate and family when they came to pick up a freezer and shelving unit from the schoolhouse. It was wonderful to have them stay over and Sam and Papa played for hours with the train. Then my computer wouldn’t let me get on-line and Jami (my son-in-lay) tried to help me over the phone. Didn’t work. So they came up for two nights and he fixed my laptop, while Karen and I fixed an impromptu Thanksgiving lunch. Plus I made her an apple pie to take to Jami’s family Thanksgiving as a thank you for their coming up again.

might remember why they received the aprons and continue to think of others before themselves

While Kate was here, she showed me how to use my new sewing machine (the one I gave to myself for Christmas last year) and it wasn’t quite as hard as I thought it might be. She said to forget all the numbers and dials and just follow the arrows for threading and I should be good to go. Though sewing is not my favorite thing to do, I know some basics and dug out my first sewing project in 4-H and used it as a pattern to make three little gathered aprons. Yes, I had saved my first apron and keep it safely tucked away. Anyway, two of the aprons were to thank an eleven and eight year old from our Sunday School class because they had denied themselves the use of an apron when I was short on one Sunday. I had miscounted the number of aprons to bring for our project that day and they wanted me to let the little girls use them, which left them without. I wanted to acknowledge their generous and kind spirit with an apron special for them and so decided to try to make one their size. Hopefully, they might remember why they received the aprons and continue to think of others before themselves. They are sweet girls.

Well, I think I’ll leave the rest for next week, as I plan to be back on schedule and have my date with self again. We’ve been having a grand month but I did miss you and writing. In the meantime, find the joy and beauty in this season and may your days be merry and bright. Love, Sharon