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Hello from just over the hilltop where this last week was exceptionally busy and “we will have these moments to remember.” Snapping fresh beans given to us by our neighbor, John, along with delicious beets, two kinds of lettuce, and zucchini.

Admiring the classic cars at the Hometown Cafe Tuesday evening. Watching our grandchildren Elizabeth, Jessika, Danielle, and Reagan at their swimming lessons Wednesday and that evening listening to Don Woodcock at an outdoor concert in Madrid. The ladies luncheon in West Potsdam Thursday and supper at Mama Lucia’s that evening with friends, Dave and Judi. And these are just “a few of my favorite things!”

Family Fun

Then for the weekend Karen and Jami, along with Garrett and Heidi, came for a visit again. Saturday Karen, Heidi, and I attended a baby shower in Herman for one of her childhood friends expecting her first child in September. That was a special time with Rachel and her mom, and Heidi was able to bring home a pink balloon. I love that little things make little children so happy for a little while. That evening Heidi and Garrett helped me by putting the clippings from the garden into the wheelbarrow so another section was deadheaded and weeded while they were visiting. Such great little helpers.

I love that little things make little children so happy for a little while

We had a picnic at Norwood Beach with Eric’s family after church on Sunday where the cousins could play and swim while some of the parents could visit. It was a lovely picnic with a slight breeze that helped the air seem more comfortable.

Sunday was Jami’s and Karen’s sixth anniversary and because they were already in the neighborhood, they celebrated by going out and recreating their first date: dinner at The Lobster House and a walk around Ives Park. We were able to have some time with the grandchildren so Papa and Garrett went up on the hill to swing, play baseball which turned into a “baseball” golf game as they called it, and practice with the flying saucer. Heidi took a nap and then we had popcorn for supper. After getting the little ones ready for bed, we sat on the porch with just a couple of candles going enjoying the cool evening sounds. Everyone was exhausted, partly from the heat and partly from so much activity, so we retired early. It is always nice to have family visit.  (The picture this week is of Heidi’s baby doll and teddy bear sitting and waiting in the window while Heidi eats her breakfast.  She is quite thoughtful with her charges.)

July extended

Dick also weeded and trimmed a section of overgrowth in the garden, puttered around on various projects, and painted the sign over at the schoolhouse. We are still in negotiations about the future over there as we really would like to sell it, but if not, I’d like to do something. My mind keeps changing and that’s not a good sign.

wish you “Happy Trails” as you enter into this month

Well, I’ll sign off for this week and wish you “Happy Trails” as you enter into this month that I haven’t turned the calendar to yet. Yes, today is July 33 aka August 2, but July continues a while longer for me and I’m loving every day of it. Even if it is only make believe. Love, Sharon