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Hello from just over the hilltop where two birds in the evergreen outside our living room picture window made me think of a child’s song of long ago. Did anyone ever tease friends or get teased by singing, “Dick and Sharon sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g”? The other morning was the first time I’d ever seen birds seemingly kissing in the tree. Twitterpated or fighting, yes, but not kissing. Anyway, it took me back to this song that could be irritating for some, embarrassing for others, or delightfully funny to the one singing. The two love birds in the tree were oblivious to my spying on them.

Spring is showing slow, small signs that it is indeed coming. The snow piles are almost gone, the lilies are pushing through next to the house, and deer are in abundance. Dick removed the hay bales surrounding the kitchen’s outside walls and some were still frozen to the ground. It took several days of chopping with a crowbar to finally release the last of the hay. He couldn’t stand to see the frozen and rotten bales anymore. Spring will come.

he couldn’t stand to see the frozen and rotten bales

Last week Matthew came to sand and paint a wooden sword that he had asked Papa to build for him. Dick made it to look like a replica of a Viking sword even to the right size. Matthew was to finish it and practice sanding with the electric sander as well as spray painting its authenticity. It looks great.

While Matthew was working in the basement with Papa, Elizabeth was helping by deep cleaning the Rose room and the Daisy room. I was so thankful for her help and she will come again next week so we can finish the upstairs and maybe start the downstairs.

Friends and family

The Writers’ Group met Thursday and we have some interesting and good progress being made by several in the group. We seem to be moving ahead with our personal goals and that is exciting and motivating for me. Friday evening we went to our friends in West Potsdam, the Tullochs, to preview the upcoming movie, “Pilgrim’s Progress.” It was a lovely evening out and even the small children, whose parents have been reading them the story, seemed to be able to follow it. It will be shown in select theaters April 18th and 20th. It was good to be reminded to pursue the Celestial City.

Then Saturday after closing the store we traveled to Ilion to help our daughter, Karen, prepare for a surprise 40th birthday party for Kate on Sunday. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful visit with Eliot’s and Eric’s families coming too. Thirteen of our sixteen grandchildren were there and Uncle Eliot had brought a pinata for the younger children. They delighted in pulling the strings to preserve the cameo tank from being hit with a stick and for later play. Everyone enjoyed the candy grabbing though the smallest children didn’t seem to collect fast enough. Maybe someone shared with them when it was over. We enjoyed our quick trip and it was well worth it.


Yesterday the West Potsdam Retired Ladies luncheon was hosted by me! I had changed the menu so many times that I really didn’t have a theme or a coordinated meal. But it tasted good, especially the dessert, Mrs. Sheehan’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cake. Each year about this time I think of her and still miss her gracious “tea parties” with us. So, I make the treat she fed to us when we visited and it is so good that I really should make it more often. But then again…….it might lose its specialness.

Well, I’ve run out of things to write about and when that happens it’s good to stop. And so I stop and wish you all a wonderful week as we patiently await and anticipate spring. (p.s. Today is Eric’s birthday but he isn’t getting a surprise party. Happy Birthday, Eric) Love, Sharon (Mom)