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It has happened. I turned the calendar to August and my days began rapidly slipping away but for good reasons. Family visits, bed and breakfast guests, bookstore workshops and sing-along, attending a wedding, picnics and giving swimming lessons. Yes, our life is full and we love it.

And in the three weeks since last writing, the activity around the yard has been entertaining us “just over the hilltop.” Robins in the birdbath, hummingbirds flitting around the red geraniums, an owl hooting in the early morning as well as the evening, the squirrels are trying to build a nest in one of the maples, a skunk crossed Dick’s path while on a moonlit walk in the backyard, and the sunsets are aglow with beauty. Even though life is seemingly hectic, but not stressed, we try to take time to observe and enjoy the world around us.

Fun and more fun

Dick has given two Sunday messages at church, replaced two windows in one of the church buildings, attached a counter top in the fellowship hall, repaired a ceiling for a customer, and has done other odd projects. I enjoyed trying to teach our grandchildren Garrett and Heidi to swim, gave two Children’s stories at church, attended the West Potsdam Retired Ladies luncheon at Judi’s, and took the refresher class to be an electioneer. We have had many delightful guests this month at the bed and breakfast and trust they enjoyed it, too. So far we are keeping the two businesses separated and not getting stressed.

we are keeping the two businesses separated and not getting stressed

Last weekend Karen and Jami came to stay with their family. We gathered at the Norwood Beach for a Sunday picnic with Eric’s family and the swimming. The weather was just perfect. They come on Saturday for a bridal shower in Massena and stayed until Tuesday late afternoon leaving after the third lesson and an early supper. It was also wonderful to see baby Kara, who is now two months old and focusing, laughing, and wanting to always face forward. She doesn’t want to miss out on any happenings.


Garrett and Heidi have me thinking about………obeying when no one is watching you. A couple of things happened while they were here, one of them when we went to the beach. I had told them when you go to a public beach you need to read the rules before going into the water. So, when we went to to have our lesson I read the rules on the lifeguard’s “lookout” chair out loud to them. We then went in the water. On the second day, I started for the water and Heidi called to me, “Grandma, don’t forget to read the rules.” Garrett seconded her and though I was thinking you don’t have to read them every time, just the first, I thanked her for remembering and I went and read them aloud again. Before we started for the water on the third day, one of them called over to me and asked “Grandma, are you ready to go read the rules and start our lesson?” I was very impressed that both of them wanted to have the rules reinforced and remembered during their time at the beach.

Grandma, are you ready to go read the rules and start our lesson?

Now that isn’t the only time they impressed me. On Monday afternoon while mommy was tending to the baby upstairs, and daddy was putting Elsa down for a nap, Garrett came and asked if I could set the timer because his daddy had told them they could play games on the “devices” for 30 minutes. I set the timer on the dining room table and was working on paperwork for myself. All was quiet and they sat on the couch playing the games. Suddenly the timer rang and before I could reach to stop its beeping or say time’s up, both of them had shut down their devices, closed them, put them on the coffee table, and had started for the tinker toys to play together for a while. Neither one tried to sneak in extra minutes, ask if they could finish the game they were on before shutting it down, or whined that they didn’t have enough time. Their parents were not in the room and yet they obeyed. What a joy it was to have them not complain or fuss but just obey. That tells me they know they’ll get to play again, that they want to please their parents (whether or not they are present), and they enjoy one another’s company. Garrett will be six next month and Heidi was four in May. Both obeyed when no one was looking. I guess that raises the question, “Am I obedient to the things I know to do even when no one is watching?” Little eyes are observing and imitating our steps.

One more thing…….the smell of summer workers and flowers. Such as: fresh mowed grass, hot tar, diesel exhaust and oil, hydrangeas, sweat, sawdust, spread manure and baled hay, roses, beach sand and the water, the oriental lilies, and much more. I actually love the smell of work in the summer. Well, August is almost over and the month has been full of too much fun, joy, and delight both in people and activities. May you have a blessed rest of August and I’ll “see you in September.” Love, Sharon