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“Oh, what a glorious morning! Oh, what a beautiful day!” And it is a beautiful day, especially with the rain that gave us a lovely rainbow and sparkling leaves and grass. We did need the rain.

The temperatures have been very warm for this time of the year and we are taking advantage of it. I do not care for the yellow jackets and there were many hanging around at the Fall Maple Festival on Saturday. We had taken our granddaughter Jessika, out for the afternoon to celebrate her 10th birthday that occurred in August. Our schedules finally coordinated. While there we tried maple hot dogs, maple candy, and took a wagon ride with a team of magnificent Percherons through the woods. The weather was perfect and very pleasant in the orchard where we caught a glimpse of the original sugar house in the distance. Pipeline is used today instead of buckets and thus the sugar house is not being used anymore.

We then went to see a movie at church munching on popcorn and a little soda. After enjoying “Five Loaves and Two Fish” we went to the diner for supper and then took her home. It was a wonderful day and a special belated birthday with her! Happy Birthday, Jessika.

Busy, busy, busy

Dick is still painting the house next door, built me a small table to expand my desk area in the office, has made a friend with one of the little Sunday School boys who likes to give him hugs, and has been encouraging me in the study and presentation of the women’s class. I don’t know what I’d do without his wisdom, insight, and encouragement.

Today is the last day for the women’s study and there is usually a letdown after an event or session into which your have poured yourself. Yet, it is well worth the time, effort, struggle, and experience. My hope is that the ladies will have gained strength, courage, and continued pleasure in their skills and calling as wife and mother. Or as widows as some of the ladies are now in that season of life. I am grateful for the time we had together and will miss them though one never knows what the future may hold.

Family coming!

Well, I need to sign off and get ready for the second class of today, get Dick a little supper, and go sit on the porch just to rest and inhale the October air. Our family is getting together for an early Thanksgiving Saturday, so I’m also preparing the house and food for those staying with us for a few days. On top of that our new furnace will be getting installed on Saturday, the best day for their schedule. The old furnace is at least 56 years old and what great service it gave to this home. And one of the dying maples along the driveway may get taken down this week or weekend. So much is happening all at once, but all will be well and we’ll have great fun with the family.

Have a great week and I’ll be back next Tuesday from just over the hilltop. Love, Sharon