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The Bastilles’ New Year’s Letter

Our twelve nights of Christmas come to an end today with the celebration of Epiphany. This is the time-honored day that tradition ascribes to the arrival of the Magi to Bethlehem from the east. They came, led by a star, seeking the Christ Child proclaimed of in the scriptures. Today, wise men are still seeking Him who was born in a manger many years ago. He is the promised Savior for all who might believe.

As I reflect on our 2017 and I see that we have settled into our new home comfortably and continue to make improvements to it and in ourselves. Concerning our home, we blacktopped the entire driveway (making it one beautiful parking area), Dick built a lovely picnic table, swing, a flying flamingo whose name is Floyd, and a new bookcase for me. An old Maple had to be taken down before it fell on the house and a new cast iron furnace replaced before winter. That’s enough stewardship for now!

so much fun working and teaching together

Our personal lives were stretched this year as Dick worked with the puppeteers at our church’s Vacation Bible School and loved his character of a Husky dog from Alaska. I am playing the piano at church and leading the choir, while Dick is singing in the choir. I led a six-week Women’s Class on the seasons of their life and both of us led a four-week Sunday School class of an average of thirteen children. We have so much fun working and teaching together, yet still serving in our individual capacities.

A few of our year’s highlights was getting to Vermont to see family in the spring and then reminiscing at Stickney Brook and the longest covered bridge, both in West Dummerston where I grew up. We also traveled downstate to visit the girls and their families several times and Emma Beatrice, our fifteenth grandchild was born in August to Kate and Chad. Our family is still growing and Karen is expecting another in June.

to encourage and inspire them to “grow in grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Savior

These are just a few of my favorite things Dick and I share almost every day. Sitting on the porch in the cool of the evening or walking up on the hilltop to swing as the sun sets over the western horizon. We do have beautiful sunsets. Having breakfast together mid morning at the old enamel table for two as we dream and plan the events of our day or life. Watching Perry Mason as we try to keep our brains active and engaged in the late evening. Working and planning together as we look forward to keeping involved and active in our neighborhood and community.

Which means we are planning to open a Christian bookstore in the Schoolhouse this spring to hopefully minister to the area church congregations in their spiritual growth and needs. We desire to seek God more in our own lives and want to help others in their spiritual journey as well as to encourage and inspire them to “grow in grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

We wish each of you a year of peace, prosperity, joy, and a heart seeking after Him like the Wise Men.  Love, Dick and Sharon