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Hello from “just over the hilltop” on this beautiful rainy day. Yesterday, not so beautiful. We were coming home from the family reunion in Arlington, Vermont and then a visit in Ilion, New York with our daughter Karen and family when the heavens opened up this side of Harrisville and poured down heavy rain. This was the first time I’ve had to run the windshield wipers on super high for the rest of the way home. I could hardly see the road and was thankful for the center line, calm wind, and that it wasn’t a thunderstorm. We hit a brief open spot in West Potsdam and again just coming into Norwood. As usual, it is good to be home.

BUT, we had a marvelous time away for five days and made sweet lasting memories. There are so many high-points in our little vacation but I’ll share just a few. Papa, after taking a nap on Monday, had the energy to play with Garrett, Heidi, and Elsa on the floor, read them books, and then yesterday included Sam while Karen, Kate, and I along with the two youngest granddaughters, Emma and Kara, walked to a Chinese lunch nearby. What a special treat that was from Kate. Papa did a great job “babysitting” those four little rascals. But then again, Papa is one, too, and seems to be showing them the way.

It was a pleasure and sheer joy to be mothering Karen and helping get her caught up on household chores. Baby Kara turned one month while we were there and meeting her for the first time brought smiles from her and from us. It’s hard to believe how so many changes seem to be going on in her tiny life. She is truly a blessing and gift from God.


Let’s back up to last Friday afternoon. We left the bookstore in the capable hands of a former employee, Susan, and another employee, Catie, came to help and keep her company when we started out on our trip. We were going to Arlington, Vermont for my family’s 20th reunion on my Dad’s side. The reunions are every two years so we are talking a forty year span of gathering the Elliott-Lindtveit clan together in various spots in the northeast. Occasionally a reunion has been in Texas or New Mexico but generally in this neck of the woods.

It all began when a brother and sister married a brother and sister

Oops, I’m back as I didn’t get this finished last week. It all began when a brother and sister married a brother and sister and then as the years went by the two lines of Elliott-Lindtveit began this biannual tradition. What a wonderful and marvelous tradition it is. I enjoyed visiting with my siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews, as well as children and grandchildren from Texas, Florida, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Scotland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. My mom was there as was my Uncle Bob: he being the oldest in attendance this year.

We not only take pictures of the entire reunion clan, but also each individual family line no matter how many are able to come. I find it is helpful to see who comes from which line. We also take a picture of the oldest with the youngest and the one who has been to ALL the reunions. This year that pleasure was my cousin, Gus, from Texas. The oldest was Uncle Bob, the youngest was Parker (my niece Nicole’s and husband Jared’s first child) at ten months. Certainly precious memories were being made.

Fearless and Loyal

Other highlights were the younger children playing together so well, us talking and talking but never finishing a conversation, wonderful food planned by this year’s hosts; my sister and husband Peggy and Roger, and the Norwegian desserts made and served by various family members. Kransekake, a Norwegian Wedding Cake was made by Dawn, Krumkake cookies were made in assembly line fashion by Cece, Gail, Amy, Linda, Nicole, and Don and Fattigmand Bakkels (poor man’s cakes) were made by Melinda. All three of these are featured in the blog’s photo taken by someone in the family. What a great treat and tradition that has been kept in the family. It is hard to eat just one! Almond and cardamom are the best flavor and spice and I love both.

almond and cardamom are the best

The original family design representing a shield or crest is in the shape of a heart with a Viking helmet and the words “fearless and loyal” written on the heart. It appears each family reunion reinforces that we are indeed fearless warriors loyal to each other, our common heritage, and the future posterity. May we continue to be. The reunion in two years will be hosted by Dick and me. I have the menu and schedule planned already!

Well, this week’s journal was basically sharing the strength of a family devoted to one another in the past and for the future. It is based on love not just for one another but for many of us, toward God who set us in such a wonderful family. We are housewives, mechanics, carpenters, truck drivers, techies, teachers, counselors, and so much more. What a wonderful family and what a wonderful reunion. May God bless us every one. Love, Sharon