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Here we are on another Wednesday in October where the Norway Maple is finally beginning to turn color. The huge maple on the top of the little hilltop is mostly yellow/orange and still full of leaves. I can now see the geese as they follow the river besides hearing them, the deer are moving regularly, the squirrels very busy, and the box elder bugs are very much alive and well as they bathe themselves in the sun on the porch.

The air is delightfully perfect, the moon magnificent, the wind oftentimes strong and steady, and the last rose opened partially. I tried to get a picture while the dragonfly was resting its weary wings on it. It is such a wonderful time of the year here just over the hilltop and I greet you with “joy unspeakable and full of glory.”

Over the weekend we had parents of Clarkson students stay with us and our repeat guests brought us a succulent in lava rock made by her Dad, who had just passed away early this summer. Such a thoughtful gift and we will treasure it and think of them often. It is one of the pleasures of a bed and breakfast.

Work and play

Dick has been busy remodeling a bathroom in Potsdam though I miss him at the bookstore. That is where we get a lot of planning and discussions accomplished as we try to solve the world’s problems, which seem many, and our own, which are few. I was blessed to have several neighbors and friends stop by to sit and visit, and at various times. In the bookstore I can stop and visit without having to watch the clock for baked goods, the next scheduled dinner special, or jumping when the bell rang to cook a customer’s order. Now I can chat long and relax more. Stop by if you have time to visit.

Now I can chat long and relax more

Dick played his harmonica for special music Sunday at church with two guitars as they performed “Jacob’s Ladder.” Many began to stand and clap along with their special and I wish I might have been there to hear it in person. I was feeding our guests and chatting with them. Oh, I did get to church. I was just late and so had not scheduled the choir for this week. The trio of men did an excellent job.

Did I tell you the lines have been painted on County Route 35 and it is easier to follow the yellow line going to West Potsdam. I am very thankful for the lines and the new road. It looks as though the sides need filling in and hopefully they will finish it up before the snow flies.

Sunday we visited at Eric’s and Andrea’s because Eric was home and didn’t need to begin trucking until Monday. It was good to get caught up on news, hear what everyone is doing, have pizza, and some watched an old Roy Rogers film. It was a lovely day.

Diner memories

I am still sorting through old piles occasionally and recently found the list of suggested names for the staff at Mom’s Schoolhouse Diner the years we went Christmas Caroling at the homes of our elder customers and at Maplewood in Canton. I am sharing them in this journal only because I want them recorded for a sweet memory in the future when the note gets misplaced or actually thrown away. It included “Mom and the Soda Fountain Fancies,” “The Soda Fountain Family,” “The Buckerettes,” “The Jukettes,” “The Schoolhouse Quintet,” “The Jerkettes,” “Diner Guys and Gals,” “The Musical Staff,” “Coca-cola Cids,” and the one we chose, “Mom and the Dinettes.” These names were tossed out by the staff and I really like the one we settled on. I have one of the pictures featured on this week’s blog. How I miss the Dinettes and wish them God’s blessings wherever they are now!

And may God bless you wherever and whatever you are doing in your life. Love, Sharon