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Hello to my family and friends on this beautiful Tuesday afternoon. I am enjoying this mild weather and am not disappointed in the least that snow and cold are delaying their visit to us. Whenever they come will be perfect timing and I will embrace them and even delighting in it. Until then, I will be glad in each day that winter delays.

Dick and I celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary last week by starting our Christmas shopping and had lunch out off the dollar menu at Burger King. “Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith.” Often the old proverbs are a gentle reminder of truly important things in our lives and we love just being together and the food doesn’t matter.

Honor and Blessing

Recently we had a call from our youngest son, Ethan, asking for our blessing as he was considering rejoining the military by way of the National Guard in California. He is thirty-three years old and doesn’t need our blessing, but to have him ask was humbling and honoring. That he still wants our approval and insights in the big decisions in his life, not that it would change his mind, was very special indeed. Knowing him and his desire to protect the weak, the elderly, and this country, we of course gave our heartfelt blessing. Ethan’s documentary, THE UNKNOWNS, will be here in Potsdam either January 5 or 6 and Ethan will be present to answer questions. This will be a free event to pre-screen the film before it is released to the public. We are excited and looking forward to seeing him and the documentary. Please set aside that date if you are interested in attending. More details will be available soon.

Preparing for Christmas

Thursday evening we attended the Christmas Concert at church that four of our grandchildren took part in. The entire concert was exceptional and everyone did a marvelous job. Then on Saturday evening, Dick and I, Eric, Andrea, and the grandchildren went to the Festival of Lights Parade here in Norwood. There was a huge bonfire, the lighting of the Memory Tree, wagon rides, Christmas music with the Norwood Brass Firemen, and much more. What is there about a parade of lights that makes one grin from ear to ear no matter what his age?

a parade of lights that makes one grin from ear to ear

Last Friday, we needed something at Lowe’s and found several police cars parked on the outskirts of the parking lot. As I went into the garden shop, Dick went to thank the police for their dedication and protection of our town and county. It appears there was a large protest going on from SUNY campus into town and back and they were available for back-up. We stayed out of the way and just wanted to say thank you. Oh, for the first time, we bought a three-foot tree-top for our Christmas tree this year. It will sit on a corner table and I’ll let you know if we like a small tree better now there are just the two of us.

Animal antics and Dad’s words

“Erik the Red” squirrel has been delighting us with his antics but we hadn’t seen his friend, “Lucy,” around until the other day. So far, they have not entered any buildings or vehicles and seem content to leap from branch to branch in the trees and scamper across the lawn. Tis good, Erik. Keep it that way and you’ll have a good winter.

No one is ever poor if they are free

I’ve been thinking……. about something my Dad and I discussed a couple of years before he died. It had to do with growing up poor and not even knowing it. He told me that “no one is ever poor if they are free.” As I’ve meditated on that over the years and watched more and more people apply for free stuff, I realized he was right. I also think those who are truly poor never let anyone know. They may not have money, but they do have pride and that pride sees them through. They will take any type of job, large or small, be creative in making ends meet or go without. They are the ones that may deserve the church baskets, though don’t like to accept them. But their neighbors are well aware of the circumstances, though it’s not talked about, and desire to assist in some small way. Yes, charity/love begins at home with the neighbors and through the church and local organizations. May love abound, pride prevail, and hope conquer. Tis the season for it. So, I ask myself, how are my neighbors doing and how can I help?

As we count down this Advent season to Christmas Day, may your days be merry and bright. Love to all, Sharon (And to all a good night!)